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[READ ME] How to Search!!!

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As i saw many people just posting without searching and that thing he want to know is posted more than 30 or 40 times i cant say search search i think all need to check this before you POST , a request or something .


First of all lets check how many search buttons we have !!


We have 2 buttons


- First :






After clicking there you will see this :


width=640 height=255http://i42.tinypic.com/iv956t.jpg[/img]




Then you need to type inside the


Search for :


what you want to search , for example patched system and hit enter .


When the page loads you will see some pages with that phrase inside ... also you will see a lot of people that shared patched system so you dont have to make new TOPICS in wrong sections!


Second way to search :


You will see a second button on the right of MaxCheaters :





Then its the same way as we done before .. you type what you want to search and then you check the pages .

About what u are interested to find and learn about it !


Saying :


- Ohh.. come on i am bored to check the 5 pages its annoying ..




-I will make a new topic becaue i am new and i dont know what is going on so i will make a new topic .. they will tell me check the rules or search and i will say inside from me ( who cares i will make new topics and i will say that i searched so they wont say that i didnt search! )


And all this continues ...


I want from now , all to check this and i dont want to see any new threads with saying i searched and that they search is being posted more than 40 times , are we clear? Thanks for reading !


If a Mod find this topic useless he can delete it if he want .






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people have to learn to understand, better tell them "1. Search,2. Find nothing? 3. search again 4.still nothing? 5. search again. 6. still dont find something? than make a post

Yeep, 100% agree.

That guide *if will be readed* will decrase spam on forum!

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Because It Is Very Good Why Don't You Stick It?


It Must Be Always At The Start To Avoid Spammers...

i  Agree With THis u Must Stickied..

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