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Salut , 

     I'm Inhabited , Leader Of CrimSonNoble and actual former at l2ovc . Decided to join your forums searchin' and helpin' with any info that may be on the hands. I'm An Old School Player of l2 ,lost my roots around maxcheaters , though i'm back ))). 

    If still i introduce myself i would love to do it proper , launching an invitation Towards To , if I May aswell. 

      This is for ya'll my nigros , and afros' and latinos 

Old School Players 

      Real players , that wants to join a friendly and supportive environment , that likes adrenalin , that stands out in the crowd , devoted and with a warrior soul , your path should be brought towards Crimsons Nobles on l2ovc. Roots of our clan comes from a long era, base of our clan was first created in Philipines , l2Extreme Era, activity stopped though with lots of scandals , fuss , and losses of human and material nature. We have summoned once again in history to try keeping balance between the good and the evil.

   Call us dependent of nothing  thus' capable of anything.

If you're looking for a unique project, and this post crossed your eyes  , the post found you ))). Weather you've been a part of the Crimsons in the past , weather u feel u're the missing part of it , I won't say it will be easy , i won't say it will be hard , I just say that if you choose to be part of the Crimsons and be devoted and stay with us i'll make sure u'll stand in the crowd nevertheless the other outnumbered  random players with clans.

        We do not fear nor underestimate the power of any other strong alliances that may interfere within the www.l2ovc.com server but we do know we have no limits  within Crimson Spirit and we will always remain fearful.


You find it appealing or it calls to you , feel free to apply either within' game or l2ovc.com forum. You'll find us inGame.

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