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Moderators challenge testing period (1 Week)

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    -== Moderators challenge testing period ==-

    - Welcome to Moderators one week testing period, its a challenge between new fresh members who will be moderators for 1 week, and contest each one for the top 5 Moderators. The judgers will be only members.
    - Simply if you want to vote, or make a comment, review or anything else reply here: http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=254913.0
    The list of Moderators are:

  1. Luapman
  2. `Romeo
  3. Observer declined
  4. JaharakaL
  5. United declined
  6. Doll declined
  7. CorLeoNe declined
  8. Necro declined
  9. Zake
  10. minideed
  11. fokys declined
  12. Kяaσh
  13. claww declined
  14. Nicolás™ declined
  15. RєVєnGeR^ declined


      [*]candidate member

      [*]candidate member

      [*]candidate member




      Starting at 10/11/12

      Ending at 17/11/12 (may extend during the week, depending the contestants)


      *****During the week , someone maybe demoted, and a new one can be replaced. (just ask for join the challenge team!)

      *****Abusing your priviledges, will result in a temporary ban, and demote.

      *****This is only "one" chance promotion. show us what you got... or get demoted forever!

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