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[GUIDE] ByPass Bake-Ice Step By Step (Works For Interlude) [IG]

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i cant even get so far, i get critical error when i start client, tells me to delet option.ini, i delete it, get the ini from a firend, reinstall... etc.. always same problem --> all this happens on VMware, and on my normal PC it work normal!, anyone know whats happening?

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well it should work.. as in ,it connects and all with no errors.. but i cant get to the login server on the vmware machine to test the system folder.... cuz last time i logged with walker i got an error in game , thats what made me work on a new system folder... but the error was cuz i had a not updated system folder with the last update..soo.. i will upload it when i get vmware to work right..still getting the corrupted files error shit..soo.. my work goes on..

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what do you think about this returned by L2fork?


16:58:13 - Proxy LS connection->Handle

16:58:18 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection

16:58:18 - Local listen thread exit

16:58:18 - Remote listen thread exit

16:58:18 - Established connection - Remote IP '89.163.xxx.xx' Remote Port '7777'

16:58:18 - New SOCKS connection for 89.163.xxx.xx:7777

16:58:19 - Proxy kicked~

16:58:19 - Proxy GS connection->Add to queue

16:58:19 - New pair

16:58:19 - Local:Unable to read data from the transport connection: Established connection has been terminated by software installed on host-computer.

16:58:19 - Removed a gameconnection

16:58:20 - Remote:Unable to read data from the transport connection: Blocking operation has been terminated by calling the function: WSACancelBlockingCall.


bump for me, anyone checked that?

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