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[GUIDE] ByPass Bake-Ice Step By Step (Works For Interlude) [IG]

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i followed all the steps, now when i try to start the l2 client with walker 1.79 from the "walker system folder" without the bake ice, nothing happens, the client simply wont load, the little loading picture doesnt even come up, anyone got any suggestions?

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Hey ppl! i have problems =/

1- when i install proxyfiler i can't open the game from my Bake ice (the Start is in color grey and i can't click it).

How i can avert installing and uninstalling everytime i want to put the bot?


2- I've managed to put the bot for a short time...but i can manage it another time x_X i don't know what it fail when i login.


23:50:26 - End of Local:LS connection

23:50:47 - New local connection[2106]

23:50:48 - Local LS connection->Handle

23:50:51 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '2106'

23:50:51 - New SOCKS connection for

23:50:52 - Proxy LS connection->Handle

23:51:14 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection

23:51:14 - Remote listen thread exit

23:51:14 - Local listen thread exit



uhm...i've seen that in the video, when he select the server in the list of the bake ice it is a message that in my prog don't exist. Some ideas to solve my problem?

thank you ppl!

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Watch on this... :(


02:22:07 - Debug build

02:22:08 - Using Proxy: False

02:22:08 - Starting... SOCKS[1999] LOCAL[2106] OOG[2107]

02:25:07 - New local connection[2106]

02:25:07 - Local LS connection->Handle

02:25:11 - End of Local:LS connection

02:25:11 - New local connection[2106]

02:25:11 - Local GS connection->Add to queue

02:25:11 - Local connection waiting

02:25:17 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '2106'

02:25:17 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:18 - Proxy LS connection->Handle

02:25:21 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '7777'

02:25:21 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:22 - Unrelated connection... handling

02:25:22 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '7777'

02:25:22 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:22 - Removed an unrelated connection

02:25:22 - Local listen thread exit

02:25:22 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:23 - Unrelated connection... handling

02:25:23 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '7777'

02:25:23 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:23 - Removed an unrelated connection

02:25:23 - Local listen thread exit

02:25:23 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:24 - Unrelated connection... handling

02:25:24 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '7777'

02:25:24 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:24 - Removed an unrelated connection

02:25:24 - Local listen thread exit

02:25:24 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:25 - Unrelated connection... handling

02:25:25 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '7777'

02:25:25 - New SOCKS connection for

02:25:25 - Removed an unrelated connection

02:25:25 - Local listen thread exit

02:25:25 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:26 - Unrelated connection... handling

02:25:26 - Removed an unrelated connection

02:25:26 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:26 - Local listen thread exit

02:25:41 - Remote listen thread exit

02:25:41 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection

02:25:41 - Local listen thread exit



and no show me my character...

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@ cabra and nuno , read the guide good guys... login WALKER client FIRST .. THEN login the bake ice client.. both of you did the opposite and logged in bake ice 1st...


@cabra wtf everyone complains about the same issue over and over.. ffs read the guide!!! omg!! ITS WITH PICTURES! >.> , check step 6...


@adrian almost same as cabra and nuno.. log walker 1st..select server..log bake ice.. select server..then go back to walker client and select char... and make sure u press "OK" after u select the server...

if you still cant log..post the l2fork log.. and check proxifier settings...

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k i tried 3 different GG killers i found on these forums, but i get the same problems with most of them, a crit error claiming the "Nwindow.dll" file to be the problem, anyone else go through this and have a solution? or a link to a known working GG killer


this is the crit error that comes up.

also this is a unupdated interlude system folder so its clean, and i did put the ini file in it

also tried a patched system folder that ZoOoOom put out, but same thing.

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its sltbnjr's ... he said its not ready yet to be released , what that dos windows does is change the c5 packet used in walker to c6 packets... atleast thats what i understood.. so... hope its ready soon >.>

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