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[GUIDE] ByPass Bake-Ice Step By Step (Works For Interlude) [IG]

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Ty for ur answer.

btw i was thinking that server was C5 xd, bcaus i pla on it with a C5  client

( + A patch from an other server ,++ DN patch  ) 

and it work XD  ;D ;D


But since i get bored of xp , im downloadin IL atm  ::)


Ty for ur fast answers.



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Enabling Accelerated 3-D for a Virtual Machine


To enable a virtual machine for accelerated 3-D


1. Choose a virtual machine with Windows 2000 or XP guest operating system.


Note: Do not enable Direct3D on a virtual machine that is powered on or suspended.


2. Add the following to the configuration (.vmx) file for the virtual machine:


mks.enable3d = TRUE


This line enables accelerated 3-D on the host. It is required to support accelerated 3-D in the guest and also enables the host to accelerate 2-D portions of the guest display.


3. You may also add one or both of the following optional lines:


svga.vramSize = 67108864


This line increases the amount of VRAM on the virtual display card to 64 MB. Adding more VRAM helps to reduce thrashing in the guest. The maximum value is 128 MB.


vmmouse.present = FALSE


This line disables the absolute pointing device in the guest. Applications which require DirectInput relative mode need to turn off the absolute pointing device in the guest. In practice, this is only required for a certain class of full screen 3-D applications (for example, real-time games like first-person shooters).

Note: If you set the vmmouse.present option, you should also turn off the preference for motion ungrabbing in the Input tab of the Preferences settings dialog.

To turn off ungrabbing for vmouse.present:

a. Choose Edit > Preferences.

b. Click Input.

c. Deselect Ungrab when cursor leaves window.

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any can help me with this error why my ogg dont log in server auto like IG walker?

u need transfer inteface between c4 and interlude (but i dont know how if u will now it tell me) strln doesnt share it :-( so if anybody know how to make it pls write me PM (if u saw video how to connect throught bakeice u need this black window in the back when he is running OOG)

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Holy Sh1t!


I Didn't Knew That Bypassing Bake-Ice In IL

Is Possible..


Thanks For This Wonderful And Easy To Do Guide.

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I foud a way to use this way to bypass bakeice, BUT w/o second PC, and w/o VMware


So, not a lot ppl have 2nd PC, and VMware is a heavy program (+1 L2 running on it) IS A LOT HEAVI


So, my idea is to use L2Fork + Proxyfier (u have to set Proxyfier to make loopback of gameguard.des)

this way, l2fork will recognize "official" L2 as "outcomming" connection (remote PC)

So, if Proxyfier loopback (to only gameguard.des, L2Fork will recognize "walker" l2 as a local connection


Here is a screenshot of Proxyfier settings, Works 100% and it is a lot more easy to make


I'm not sure if some1 else foud + Post this before me (if - Sorry for spam)


i hope i helped :)





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how do I run the walker/l2 with this method thedarkrs?


Well, Bakeice delete hosts, so, u have to start:


1. Start bakeice l2

2. place hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\)

3. start l2asrv

4. Start l2fork

5. start walker

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bakeice will delete your hosts along with a few other bad things it probably does


if you don't have your hosts, walker won't verify


yes, everytime u start bakeice it will delete hosts file,so u have to start it 1st, and after place the hosts

so, u can make a simpe .bat file, to replace it for u :)


1 step more, but 10 steps less :P

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@lol1234 , if your playing dragon network , download the system folder i uploaded , if you play in other bake ice server , use a CLEAN system folder....like ..install interlude client and use the system folder it has and replace the l2.ini i uploaded here


and yea,since bake ice deletes hosts i made the hosts file self extract file..uploaded it last night ... just check the damn guide.. its in step 12

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