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Lineage 2 Gracia Official News [The Second Continent]

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The title of the new update, which is scheduled for a Spring 2008 release in Korea, is "Gracia". Those that are well acquainted with the lore may know that Gracia is the third human kingdom, and second continent of the Lineage II world. Gracia has thus far only been a mysterious land that we know was recently unified like Aden and actually invaded Aden within the years prior the game's current time line (hence the destruction in the region of Gludio and the introduction of Ol Mahum mercenaries).




Written by : Nerukan

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Guest skaros

nc soft is out of ideas.... and every new chronicle ruin the game ... at least thats what me and my friends believe...

Lineage2 is only for pvp lovers ... they could make a really good game but nc soft is more focused on graphics.... i heard that lineage3 will come at 2009 is that true??? i searched on google and i didnt find anything...

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thx to the new i have the korean client and is beautuful too lighty xD


Its from your video card and maybe for the beta PTS but in the new everything will be normal...


PS: I </3 the darkness in CT1 and hellbound.

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