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Initiative Project Rev. 4481

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Revision: 4481.

Emulator: Initiative Project.

Chronicle: GoD (tauti and harmony).

Requests: java 6 jdk and mysql 5.

This Rev is blocked to create the character if someone could solve please post here.



General changes:

Fix: Blacksmith of Mammon functional

Developed: effect for skill Time Bomb

Developed: effect for skill Bullseye

Developed: conditions for new hero weapons

Update: Hunters Village gatekeeper Esmeralda, according CT3

Minor fix for: Anghel Waterfall teleport zone

Rework spawn data from Fairy Settlement, according official server

Developed: day / night monsters from Fairy Settlement

Developed: Sayune Manager

Developed: Hermuncu's Servant

Fix: wrong spawn for Octavis raidboss

Fix: Hadel functional, teleport to Harnak Underground Ruins

Fix: new CT3 pets skills, retail offlike

Fix pet: Sabertooth Cougar (stats according official server)

Fix pet: Cute Bear (stats according official server)

Fix pet: Golden Lion (stats according official server)

Fix pet: Grim Reaper (stats according official server)

Developed new skill method: multitarget

Developed new skill method: throwdown

Developed: Orbis Temple engine

Update: server packets for dualclass system

Core code optimization

Fix: Fairy of Life

Fix: R Talisman - Lethal Strike Resistance / Damage Shield Resistance

Fix: loading NPE's

Update: sub class system

Workdone: Museum manager

Changes for olympiad engine part 1/2 (Heroes statues + update c/s side packets)

Developed: Museum Statues manager

Fix: ranking system for Museum manager

Developed items:

Allegra Box

Latus Box

Developed Unidentified items (double-click identify):

Unidentified Requiem Shaper

Unidentified Requiem Cutter

Unidentified Requiem Slasher

Unidentified Requiem Avenger

Unidentified Requiem Fighter

Unidentified Requiem Stormer

Unidentified Requiem Thrower

Unidentified Requiem Shooter

Unidentified Requiem Buster

Unidentified Requiem Caster

Unidentified Requiem Retributer

Unidentified Requiem Dual Sword

Unidentified Requiem Dual Dagger

Unidentified Requiem Dual Blunt Weapon

Unidentified Immortal Helmet

Unidentified Immortal Breastplate

Unidentified Immortal Gaiters

Unidentified Immortal Gauntlet

Unidentified Immortal Boots Heavy

Unidentified Immortal Shield

Unidentified Immortal Leather Helmet

Unidentified Immortal Leather Armor Light

Unidentified Immortal Leather Leggings

Unidentified Immortal Leather Gloves

Unidentified Immortal Leather Boots Light

Unidentified Immortal Circlet

Unidentified Immortal Tunic Robe

Unidentified Immortal Stockings Robe

Unidentified Immortal Gloves

Unidentified Immortal Shoes

Unidentified Immortal Sigil

Unidentified Immortal Necklace

Unidentified Immortal Earring

Unidentified Immortal Ring

Unidentified Apocalypse Shaper

Unidentified Apocalypse Cutter

Unidentified Apocalypse Slasher

Unidentified Apocalypse Avenger

Unidentified Apocalypse Fighter

Unidentified Apocalypse Stormer

Unidentified Apocalypse Thrower

Unidentified Apocalypse Shooter

Unidentified Apocalypse Buster

Unidentified Apocalypse Caster

Unidentified Apocalypse Retributer

Unidentified Apocalypse Dual Sword

Unidentified Apocalypse Dual Dagger

Unidentified Apocalypse Dual Blunt Weapon

Unidentified Twilight Helmet

Unidentified Twilight Breastplate

Unidentified Twilight Gaiters

Unidentified Twilight Gauntlet

Unidentified Twilight Boots

Unidentified Twilight Shield

Unidentified Twilight Leather Helmet

Unidentified Twilight Leather Armor

Unidentified Twilight Leather Legging

Unidentified Twilight Leather Gloves

Unidentified Twilight Leather Boots

Unidentified Twilight Circlet

Unidentified Twilight Tunic

Unidentified Twilight Stockings

Unidentified Twilight Gloves

Unidentified Twilight Shoes

Unidentified Twilight Sigil

Unidentified Twilight Necklace

Unidentified Twilight Earring

Unidentified Twilight Ring

Unidentified Specter Shaper

Unidentified Specter Cutter

Unidentified Specter Slasher

Unidentified Specter Avenger

Unidentified Specter Fighter

Unidentified Specter Stormer

Unidentified Specter Thrower

Unidentified Specter Shooter

Unidentified Specter Buster

Unidentified Specter Caster

Unidentified Specter Retributer

Unidentified Specter Dual Sword

Unidentified Specter Dual Dagger

Unidentified Specter Dual Blunt

Unidentified Seraph Helmet

Unidentified Seraph Breastplate

Unidentified Seraph Gaiters

Unidentified Seraph Gauntlet

Unidentified Seraph Boots

Unidentified Seraph Shield

Unidentified Seraph Leather Helmet

Unidentified Seraph Leather Armor

Unidentified Seraph Leather Leggings

Unidentified Seraph Leather Gloves

Unidentified Seraph Leather Boots

Unidentified Seraph Circlet

Unidentified Seraph Tunic

Unidentified Seraph Stockings

Unidentified Seraph Gloves

Developed armors:

Blessed Twilight Helmet

Blessed Twilight Breastplateas

Blessed Twilight Gaiters

Blessed Twilight Gauntlet

Blessed Twilight Boots

Blessed Specter Helmet

Blessed Specter Breastplateen

Blessed Specter Gaiters

Blessed Specter Gauntlet

Blessed Specter Boots

Blessed Seraph Leather Helmet

Blessed Seraph Leather Armor

Blessed Seraph Leather Leggings

Blessed Seraph Leather Gloves

Blessed Seraph Leather Boots

Blessed Seraph Circlet

Blessed Seraph Tunic

Blessed Seraph Stockings

Blessed Seraph Gloves

Blessed Seraph Shoes

Developed dialogs for next NPC's:


Mr. Kay


Un Dinaer

Un Magnier





Mysterious Cat



Developed skills:

Decoy Provocation

Critical Damage Increase

Angel's Resurrection

Quick Return

Devil's Movement

Celestial Aegis

Superior Fast Spell Casting

Superior Sixth Sense

Superior Focus Mind

Superior Divine Lore

Superior Mental Resistance

Fix skills:

Mark of Void

Ultimate Servitor Share

Blessing of the Giants

Scorpion Poison




Dark Paralysis

Throw Poison Needle

Maximum Critical


Wizard Spirit

Shield Wave

Party Rescue


Strong Will


Fire Stance

Water Stance

Wind Stance

Earth Stance

Aeore Force

Wynn Force

Feoh Force

Yul Force

Othell Force

Tyrr Force

Sigel Force

Chaos Symphony

Crazy Nocturne

Battle Rhapsody

Dark Root

Ultimate Suspension

Chain Strike

Steel Aura

Spike Shield

Time Bomb

Horn Melody

Drum Melody

Pipe Organ Melody

Guitar Melody

Harp Melody

Lute Melody

Recovery Melody

Healing Melody

Developed and correction monsters/npc's (drops, stats, retail offlike):

Treekin Defender - Scout

Treekin Defender - Experienced Scout

Centaur Archer - Scout

Centaur Archer - Experienced Scout

Beorning Berserker - Scout

Beorning Berserker - Experienced Scout


Large Wisp

Red Wisp


Large Cocoon

Fairy Citizen - Kimerian Refugee

Sentauer Archer - Marred

Ant under Foot

Fairy Warrior - Wicked

Fairy Warrior - Mature

Fairy Warrior - Imperfect

Fairy Warrior - Violent

Fairy Warrior - Brutal

Fairy Warrior - Fully Enraged

Fairy Warrior - Slightly Enraged

Fairy Rogue

Fairy Rogue - Wicked

Fairy Rogue - Mature

Fairy Rogue - Imperfect

Fairy Rogue - Violent

Fairy Rogue - Brutal

Fairy Rogue - Fully Enraged

Fairy Rogue - Slightly Enraged

Fairy Knight

Fairy Knight - Wicked

Fairy Knight - Mature

Fairy Knight - Imperfect

Fairy Knight - Violent

Fairy Knight - Brutal

Fairy Knight - Fully Enraged

Fairy Knight - Slightly Enraged

Satyr Wizard

Satyr Wizard - Wicked

Satyr Wizard - Mature

Satyr Wizard - Imperfect

Satyr Wizard - Violent

Satyr Wizard - Brutal

Satyr Wizard - Fully Enraged

Satyr Wizard - Slightly Enraged

Satyr Summoner

Satyr Summoner - Wicked

Satyr Summoner - Mature

Satyr Summoner - Imperfect

Satyr Summoner - Violent

Satyr Summoner - Brutal

Satyr Summoner - Fully Enraged

Satyr Summoner - Slightly Enraged

Satyr Witch

Satyr Witch - Wicked

Satyr Witch - Mature

Satyr Witch - Imperfect

Satyr Witch - Violent

Satyr Witch - Brutal

Satyr Witch - Fully Enraged

Satyr Witch - Slightly Enraged




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