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[BOT] [CRACK] L2net Key Maker (any version up to Harmony[394])

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Yeah, this will encourage devs to make l2net updates. Its not like $5 for a lifetime key is alot.


Which is it? You're elated because this will force the devs to update, which hasn't been done in months, or you're distraught because this will deprive them of the, slim to none, $5 donations they would of received from any version up to and including harmony? I've never seen a more dubious post in my life!


Coming from a 'donator' member of a forum that specializes in hack/crack/exploits to many productions, your squabble has little to no merit.


I would go on further to explain my reasons of making and releasing this, of which includes nothing to do with monetary objectives, to you.... But, your lack of a self confident notion enlightens me that I would be debating with a zombie like intellect.


You must be a friend of the dev's of this program, or a partisan asslicker of them. Either way, it matters not to me.

You should tell them to assimilate better serial production methods in to their product, because this one was a joke.


I expected more from self proclaimed "pros". QQ on.


P.S. I got my l2.net key FREE about 2 or 3 years ago, directly from the founding author himself.

Too bad he recruited arrogant and ignorant children(not all of them) to help him. It's always good practice to treat 80% of your product's users as inferior human beings, no wonder their forum is dead? Reminds me of NCzoft themselves, fail servers much? What comes around goes around. How's them apples? $5 lol.


Quite interesting your lack of judgment on my last crack you used also->


I guess l2walker is inferior compared to l2.net huh? GTFO

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Bravo, well done sir, well done. Way to waste that burnouts time

LOL, 5 minutes of my time wasted to crack their lol serial method production. Oh noes, what ever will I do. That says a lot when it can be broken in under 5 minutes. Pro devs! Much more time has been wasted by adding those ridiculous premium script functions, tenfold+ !  ;D


I hate to break the news to them but l2.net was never 'FREE' software, it was Shareware (also termed trialware or demoware).


provided to users without payment on a trial basis and is often limited by any combination of functionality

Shareware is usually offered either with certain features only available after the license is purchased


We at the L2Net team have always been supporters of free software
So supporting free software, does not mean it was 'free' software. Irony at its best!



Now all they have to learn is how not to treat their users like stupid monkeys... then maybe people would want to use their lol bot more.


They may as well remove the key checking method now, and the banned key checking methods

to increase the lol initialization time maybe a ms or 2 ;)

    HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest.Create("http://l2net.oddi.org/banned.txt");

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Don't consider, do it -> http://lifedev.net/2008/07/god-complex/


I'm still rolling about the comment you made on my bug report when I found that running any script and using bot options for other crap would crash l2net..

"OMG OMG I found the problem! you didn't put a 'sleep' here!"
lmfaoooooo, Someone's mad, lmfao!


Thanx Canadian! bb /ignored

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I was only looking out for your well being. Good luck in life :), I know there's some good inside that little heart of yours. I've seen it!


PS. You really should let the small things go, I was only trying to help you figure out your problem. Hard to look at a snippet (which had no sleeps) and then get ringed out after the user posts the part with the sleep part in it. But O.K. I must of been at fault. :)

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