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WTS Wynn 97 -> Naia


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WTS 97 lvl Wynn Summoner human male on Naia

Bound Specter thrower +3 focus 300

Bound Specter caster + 3 acumen 300

Seraph Breastplate set +4 120 att def, Separh Robe set +3 80+ att def, Seraph leather armor set +3

Dye 1x legendary wit lvl 5, cat ears wit +3, top seraph belt def, jewlery ceremony +4 seraphs jewlery

Dual class Healer lvl 95

Apocalypse buster 2sa mana up+acu +4

Active reflect

10x DYE lvl5leg int in wh + many mats

pm me or mail for more info and offers in real money only


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