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[Exploit] Leech Gladiatortitle or earn very much Gold


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Ok since I'm recently reading pretty much shit about Arenas in new Threads which are supposed to be approved but in fact didn't even working with the current Arena Matchmaking system, I'll try to sum up a bit.


The first point is that the 2.4.2 Patchnotes are wrong. The Matchmaking system doesn't look at the average rating of a Team, only the PR of the Person who is signing up is counted.

With that knowledge you can do some nice tricks, so you can switch your enemys by switching the groupleader, also its possible to play against very low or highrated teams.


One more thing is that I really often hear things like this "you win 1 or 2 but you can also lose 23!"

ok ... its very very simple. First: You CAN also win 0 points, but on the other side you lose 32 if you are losing.

You win 0 Points if you are facing a Team which is about 400 points below your Rating. So it is like this:


win: 0 lose: 32 ~ 400 rating differential

win: 1 lose: 31 ~ 375 rating differential

win: 2 lose: 30 ~ 350 rating differential

win: 3 lose: 29 ~ 325 rating differential

win: 4 lose: 28 ~ 300 rating differential

win: 5 lose: 27 ~ 275 rating differential

win: 6 lose: 26 ~ 250 rating differential

win: 7 lose: 25 ~ 225 rating differential

win: 8 lose: 24 ~ 200 rating differential

win: 9 lose: 23 ~ 175 rating differential

win: 10 lose: 22 ~ 150 rating differential

win: 11 lose: 21 ~ 125 rating differential

win: 12 lose: 20 ~ 100 rating differential

win: 13 lose: 19 ~ 75 rating differential

win: 14 lose: 18 ~ 50 rating differential

win: 15 lose: 17 ~ 25 rating differential

win: 16 lose: 16 ~ 0 rating differential

win: 17 lose: 15 ~ 25 rating differential

win: 18 lose: 14 ~ 50 rating differential


and so on ...


Question: I just wom a Game and got 16 points, but the second match I lost 18 points. Your chart cant be right.

Answer: Lets say your initial Ratings was like this: X: 2250 Y: 2274 (differential = 24 -> 16 points win / lose) , now Team Y wins = X: 2234 Y: 2290 (differential = 54) So its correct that Y loses 18 points.



And the last thing I hear very often: "You cant match the same Team more than 2/3/4/5/6 times"

FAIL! You can match the same team the whole day.


Anyway all that new "exploits" which describe how you can farm low teams to push your highrated Team just aren't working since you hit 1900 Rating and even before its not working because on a 1800 Rating you lose 28 points and only gain 4 .... so you have to win 7 games to balance one loss, be sure that you will match more often against S3 anticombo Team rerollers.


With all that Knowledge you can anyway do some nice and tricky things to push your ratings ... just think yourself.




Sry for (maybe) bad english. I hope this can help, I would post it to the guide forums but since it refers to the new exploit threads I think its better here.


Ok so now here is the exploit out of that (this works best with 5on5 Teams but also on 3on3 and 2on2):


You can be seller or buyer, the seller should allready have one (or to be sure with Gladiator more than one Team) with save Gladiator Rankings. So if you are the Seller you start to spam the tradechannel that you sell Gladiatortitle and 310% Netherdrake Mount for maybe 15000 Gold (The buyer maybe gets the gold from ebay and 15000 gold is much cheaper than buying a Char which allready has Gladiator), sure you will find someone who is interested, say that minimum gear is S1 and a bit skill, this also shouldn't be a Problem.


Now lets say we do it on 2on2, which is the hardest bracket for this, you invite that guy who wants to buy, if you have another bracket where you get Gladiator give the Leader to your mate and rejoin the Team, if you only have this Team where you get Gladiator, you need a very good Player which helps you.


Ok now you start playing (good player with 1500 PR has groupleader and signs up) on 1500 you should win without problems, to make sure that no double S3 Team is just starting a new Team better play at night. After each win the good player should rejoin the Team so the PR stays at 1500 and you get only easy wins.


Now play until the buyer has 20% of the games, this means that he will get Gladiator, even if his personal is at maybe 1800 at that Point. The Teamrating should not even change at the whole procedure, at worst case it can go down for 32 or 64, be sure that this will be Gladiatorrank too, if not, just play it up again after hitting ~22% Games with the Buyer. Be Aware that he stays at 20% until end of the Season.


In 5on5 you have almost no risk to lose if only one player is new and you play on 1500 Rating, there you even can sell more Gladiatorslots to earn more Money.


If you want to buy a Title just search a very highrated Team and say them they should read this post. ;-)


This is NOT win trading and you shouldn't get banned for it, but it allways can happen.


All Credits To A1m

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