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[Guide]Installing AmX Mod + AXN MOD For BunnyHop server.


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Here is a tutorial of how to create a server with Amx Mod. [by C0R3_Fight3r]


First of all you have to download Dedicated server from Steam, under the Tools tab. (screenshot)

Download AmxMod from here. Follow the installation instructions in the readme file. Make sure you've downloaded the latest metamod.dll from here. Replace the old one with the new one in the steamapps /youraccount/dedicated server/cstrike/addons/metamod/ folder. Now launch the dedicated server: Open Steam -> Go to Tools tab -> Double Click on Dedicated Server. Select Game, enter the server name, max users, udp port and the rcon password (screenshot)


Adding Admins


Open users.cfg located in installpath\Steam\steamapps\youraccount\dedicated server\cstrike\addons\amx\config folder.

Add this line


"yoursteamid (eg. Steam_0:0:10000000)"    ""    "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu"    "ce"


First quote is your Steam id, the second one is password which in not necessary as you are logging in with your steamid. The third quote is user privileges, in this example you have full control. Click here to read more about creating admins.


Now you can run your server. Connect to your server and type amxmodmenu in console.



Q: My friends cannot connect to my server. Why?

A: Make sure you've selected Internet, NOT Lan in Dedicated server configuration and you've setted up port forwarding in your router configuration(if you have one)


Q: Where can I get more info about all this

A: Visit http://amxmod.net/doc/?p=index for more info


Q: I keep getting error message saying: Couldn't allocate dedicated server IP port 27015.

A: Make sure no other program uses this port, if it still doesn't work try changing the port to 27016.




Installing Bunny Hop


If you want to install Bunny Hop on your server, then here is how you do it,


1. Download AXN Mod here


• Newest version that I know of is 1.05


2. Create a new folder in your addons folder called axn


• Inside the axn folder, create a dlls Folder


3. Place axn_mm.dll or axn_mm_i386.so in the dlls folder


4. Now that we have put the axn file in the right place, let's open up the Meta Mod folder in the addons directory.


5. Open your Plugins(.cfg) and add the following lines to your file:


win32 addons/axn/dlls/axn_mm.dll

linux addons/axn/dlls/axn_mm.dll


6. Save and that's it, Bunny Hop is now installed on your server.


• Restart your server and enjoy.


7. Tips on using the AXN Mod,


• AXN Mod has many features in it, here they are:


axn_showaddress 0

axn_tracer 0

axn_starthealth 100

axn_statustext 0

axn_noheadshot 0

axn_damageimpact 0

axn_longjump 0

axn_bunnyjump 1

axn_jumpability 1

axn_flashtime 1


8. Open up your server.cfg in the cstrike directory and add any of these if you.


• For Bunny Hop add: axn_bunnyjump -1 (This allows you to bunny hop like in 1.3)


9. All other plugins are there to be used, so go ahead and use it.



End Of Thread.



Credits for the first thread :C0RE_Fight3r

Credits for the second thread:Menzig

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