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NovaWorld.EU Gracia Epiloge Mid 20x open in 1-2weeks


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Good server accessible for everyone - these five words describe NovaWorld Epilogue server perfectly. Be prepared for astonishing performance and new interesting features. You will earn this and more if you will choose NovaWorld Epilogue server!


By working on this project for years, we managed to reach optimal gameplay with balanced skills, economics and other major elements.


Epilogue server configuration:




    Experience (XP): x20

    Spell Points (SP): x20

    Drop (Adena): x20

    Drop (Items) / Spoil: x10

    Drop (Raidboss / Grandboss): x5

    Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1*

    Drop (Quest Item): x5**

    Quest Reward: x1-3**

    Fish Reward: x2

    Manor: x2


*one grandboss jewelry peace per grandboss

**not apply for all quests




    Max. Enchant amount: +20

    Chance (for regular scrolls): 55%

    Chance (for blessed scrolls): 60%





    1st class: FREE

    2nd class: FREE

    3rd class: FREE





    Antharas: 72+4 hours*

    Valakas: 72+5 hours*

    Baium: 48+4 hours*

    Zaken: 40+4 hours*

    Queen Ant: 24+2 hours*

    Orfen: 20+4 hours*

    Core: 33+4 hours*

    Frintezza: 48 hours*


Also, raidboss 'Flame of Splendor Barakiel' respawn time changed to 6+2 hours*


*First number indicates hours of main respawn time. Second number means random delay of respawn.




    All functions accessible via Community Board (Alt+B) - you can reach Shop, Class Master and other functions via one click

    GM Shop up to B-Grade with potions and other stuff

    Buffer in all towns

    Scheme Buffer to make character schemes and buff more easily

    Automatic daily events: TvT / CTF / DM / Last Hero

    Tons of other regular events: Handys Block Checker Event, Gift of Vitality, Master Of Enchanting, Coffer of Shadows, The Fall Harvest, Christmas, Valentine, The Flow Of The Horror, L2 Day, L2 Collect Medal, Change of Heart, Trick Of Transmutation, Saving Snowman

    Stronger champion monsters with extra reward





    Optimized server core who is designed to hold big amount of online players

    All the main formulas reworked to fit global balance

    All monsters, raidbosses, and other NPCs stats, droplists and spawnlists updated according to Gracia Epilogue changes

    All shops updated to Gracia Epilogue

    All quests updated to Gracia Epilogue

    All 7 signs saga quests implented and working/li>

    Retail-like buff slots (24 + 4 for Divine Inspiration, 12 slots for Dance / Song - type buffs)

    Working Shadow, Common, Masterwork, PvP items and their bonuses

    Working summons, cubics according to Gracia Epilogue

    Working castles, conquestable clan halls, fortresses

    Working Castle/Fortress sieges, Territorial War

    Unique monsters and grandbosses AI system

    Working Gracia Epilogue skill system (different enchant routes, certifications, Skill Transfer system)

    Working attribute transfer from master to summon

    Fully working Hellbound Isle

    Fully working Olympiad (with 3x3 fights)

    Fully working transformations (incl. flying ones)

    Working regular / castle airships

    Working attribute system

    Working Kamaloka/Pailaka dungeons

    Working Steel Citadel instances

    Working Seed of Destruction / Seed of Infinity

    Working Dark Cloud Mansion / Crystal Caverns instances

    Working Rim Pailaka (accessible from castle and fortress)

    Working attribute system

    Commercial geodata

    ... and many more!



The server is ready for your gaming pleasure. Judge it by yourself but remember - once you login, there is no way back!


Side: www.novaworld.eu

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