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Prince Of Persia Tag

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Well, nice Effects on his eye & right hand. It's kinda bright, and your text not good. You should choose another font for this.

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I like it :o

Maybe add a border if you didn't already :p 1px black inside

The subtext isnt even that bad, just.. hard to read and stuff. Did you edit letter-spacing?

As for your "main text" yeah well hm. xD

I wouldnt use Outer glow there. Try something like Klavika, make it caps. Make the letter spacing smaller so it looks tighter. And perhaps add a 1px stroke outside to make it visible.

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Try making the text white (main text) or use a gradient going from white (top) to light grey (bottom).

Lower the black (outer glow?) on the subtext a bit. assuming this is 100% opacity, make it about 65%

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