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FURY 50X PVP SERVER by DEX www.lineage.ro START DATE : 7 AUGUST 2012


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FURY 50X PVP SERVER by DEX www.lineage.ro


patch : http://www.lineage.ro/update/Lineage2Dex-IL.rar




Fury 50x: General Information


-> All characters are born at level 20 with D-Grade equipment at Giran Harbor;

-> First job change is free, second and third job changes are sold for adenas;

-> Quest items such as nobless and subclass can be obtained by adenas, or full quest by Fury Coin (donation currency);

-> All bosses will drop adena, Fury medal (Event Medal), and weapon/armor enchants;

-> Epic bosses such as Ant Queen, Core, Zaken and Orfen is retail mode;

-> Retail olympiad system, which runs from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM daily;

-> Weekly castle sieges, 2 castles per week only on Sundays. Only 4 castles will be available (Gludio, Dion, Giran and Oren) Aden Castle is set as an event location to farm Fury Cloaks;

-> NPC Buffs to buff character and pets, with all second class buffs. 1 hour duration;

-> All-In-One Buffers with all buffs with 1 hour duration. AIO can only buff inside peace zones, never use your main character as an AIO.

-> Global gatekeepers;

-> All buffs are retail besides for AIO Buffs and NPC Buffs;

-> All items can be obtained by means of adena;

-> Exclusive items: Fury Cloaks (additional m.def, p.def, HP and CP) as follows:

..... Cloak 1: 15% p.def (Obtained with adena and castle farm items)

..... Cloak 2: 15% m.def (Obtained with adena and castle farm items)

..... Cloak 3: 1000+ HP and CP (Obtained with adena and castle farm items)

..... Cloak 4: Shadow (non permanent) Cloak obtained by combining Cloak 1, 2 and 3. 15% P.def, 15% M.def, 1000 HP and CP.

-> Aden Castle exclusive farm zone. XP and SP increased 35% more than other zones. Uruka (Raid Boss) respawns every hour; only boss that drops Blessed Enchants;

-> Offline shops can be purchased with Fury Coins;

-> Block Buff (Skill to make character impervious to buffs);

-> Improved cancel system (Lost buffs return 15 seconds after cancelled);

-> Automatic Skills acquired except for Divine Skills (Buff slots) and clan skills which can both be obtained by adena;

-> True Adena exchanges. Exchange adena for True Adena to prevent the 2kkk adena limit on bags;

-> Max echants are set to +10 with success rate retail;

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this server is not ruining DEX image , 3 years ago DEX created Fury5000x with l2off files , was awesome . and this server will be the same (l2off) , will gonna rock i say you ;)

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i dont unterstand why you just spawn for a server that is not open and we have to wait to join and play pfff



    Lineage II Area �

    Lineage II Private Servers �

    [Previews] L2 Private Servers



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I played on Fury 5k too, but i don't think that they will repeat that success.

I entered beta few days ago, and i must say that i was disappointed.

I must agree im disapointed also.

- full buffer for donators

- they puted a lot of effort in donation (as always) and as that are oficial files they didnt needed to fix anything else but created economy (which is 100% worse than it will be with retail like+ improved drop rates)

- half a year work and 0 progress when ppl crying about one and only thing that its still not fixed (shop/buffer)

+ the server will be rly stable and admins active forever


Dont get me wrong im not a hater. I rly enjoyed for long time last 3 dex servers low rates but on this pvp server i dont have party and i dont have chance to compete vs donators with covs and everything else

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15 euros only(talking about an aio),big deal and imagine if you have a clan,it's way too cheap.

that talking person with 4k posts and from grece ( so prolly without a job)  :)

15 euro isnt much?

Its 1 whole day of work for normal european employee

15-20 euro is the price for new oryginal PC game (in this case Guild Wars2 is best example and not monthly free)


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soon or later all will undestand interlude are too way too old

and you like it because in your MEMORIES are great but now if you play you will get boring in 1 week 2 at last...



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