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Are you ready for a new L2 experience? Well here it is PLayers! We are proud to present to you guys from L2Dragoneye a brand new x20 Server.

Open beta for the players will start on July 29th and will end on morning of August 3rd.

The server will be out LIVE on August 3rd @ 19:00 GMT +1. All Accounts/Items/Characters Will be wiped from beta.


Prepare your self for an UNIQUE classic mid-Rate Server.

L2DragonEye x20 is the newest addition that we are offering to our RPG fans, We currently host a x50 High Five server. 100% Lag free! 100% No Downtime! 100% DDoS Protection! Full Anti-Bot and Anti-Hack System's are in place!

L2DragonEye x50 Server has been running 2 months on end without ANY problems and will continue to stay that way as well as our x20 will! So if you are looking for somewhere to play without playing for 1 month and server closes

due to DDoS or Unbalanced Donations! Come join us because you can have all that and more! We are adding several  new UNIQUE Events to our server NEVER before seen on any other servers! They are..


1. Mortal Combat Event

2. Attack of the monsters on the town Town Invasion

3. The seizure and destruction of three flags

4. Capture three flags

5. Zombies vs. Humans

6. On High

7. Party vs Party Tournament

8. Last Rembo

9. Fight Club


More info on events will be added in due time.



1. One of the best HighFive files around l2-scripts.ru files.

2. Flawless Geodata

3. Very Powerfull server

4. Top Premium Network


Server Specs:


Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 Quad-Core

incl. Hyper-Threading Technology



Hard disks 4x 120 GB SSD

NIC 1 GBit OnBoard

connected at 100 MBit.


Game Specs:


- Private HighFive part 5 server files, premium Russian l2-scripts.ru source.

- Lineage 2 HighFive part 5 Full.

- No overpower donations.

- Stable. No lag.

- All newbie have top no-grade weapon and armors.

- Rates:

XP: 20

SP: 20

Adena: 20

Drop Items: 15

Drop Spoil: 15

Drop RaidBoss: 10

Drop Quests**: 3

Quest Reward*: 1

Drop Fish: 15

Manor: 10


*Rates are on quests mainly, it does not mean that all of these quests will be on the rate value (required for a good economy on the server)*

- Unique economic balance.

- Plus additional events hosted by our EventGms ( russian roullete, hide and seek, korean pvp event style, american style, 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and many others events)

- Anti-bot/Anti-hack system. We got latest Lameguard version.

- A full-GM-Shop , where all the necessary items (Adena \ coin): weapons, armor, jewelry of all grades (up to Top S grade), consumables, accessories, pets, etc.

- Convenient manager buffs , which has all the necessary buffs Prophet, Elven Elder, Chant of Victory, PoV, PoF. You can adjust your preferred template buffs that can be used anywhere in the world.

- Off-Line Trade.

- Olympiad Heroes every 2 weeks.

- Class Change: 1st(10k),2nd(100k),3rd(10kk)

- Subclass activation costs 100kk.

- Maximum level of the basic class - 85

- Maximum level of the subclass - 85

- Books for skills 81+ level can be bought from GMShop.

- Time Buff: 2 h.

- Time Dance: 2 h.

- Time Song: 2 h.

- Max Enchant: 16.

- Safe Enchant: +3.

- Enchant rate 60%.

- Mana potions.

- Autoloot can be adjusted from .cfg

- Up to HighFive part 5 Areas.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Mobs.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Raidboss.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Skills.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Weapons/Armors.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Drops/Spoils.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Clan lvl/Clan skills/Academy.

- Up to HighFive part 5 Castles and Clan halls.

- Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah working.

- Flawless Geodata.

- All features from HighFive part 5 working.

- DDos protection. Yes we got DDos protection!


Website : www.l2dragoneye.com

Forum : www.l2dragoneye.com/forum

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The npc buffer kinda ruins it. I can understand it being on x50, but you're overdoing it for the x20. Just a thought.

The fact that there are no summoner/maestro buffs ruins it!

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Well that server wont work!1st no summoner/maestro buffs,2nd lame mana pots 2k mp per 15 second/no vitality npc!my opinion ofc!maybe i will be wrong!

summoner and maestro buffs @ npc = big unbalance, mana pots were rly fine on 50x no one complained. vitality npc for what?

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summoner and maestro buffs @ npc = big unbalance, mana pots were rly fine on 50x no one complained. vitality npc for what?

Just said my opinions after my experience in mid rate servers!anyway gl with your server !

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the miss of dwarf/summoner buffs makes sense for more balanced pvp but some mid-lovers prefer full buffer with noblesse dance of berserk and etc.. maybe u should try something new :)

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