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[OLD]Updated karma rules.

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Hello fellas


We decided to change a bit the way karma(reputation works)


You can now give karma to anything you like(a simple share, a helpful answer[The person who does the request], and even more than 1 karma in a topic)

You can also dekarma anyone who break the rules of MXC ( Just one time though)


But there are some simple rules to follow, else you will be warned and 'more' after that.


1) Always get a valid reason in karma change. When there are no valid karma reasons, it will be fixed you will be warned.

2) No changes of karma are allowed at Report section/Spam section

3) Dont abuse dekarma with no reason. We want  karma as a positive thing, not rly as punishment. We will get another system for that soon

4) When you see a spammer, dont dekarma him. Just report him

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No more than +1 karma from one person in same share


And avoid karma abuses to friends, we are not stupid, some times its obvious. (When shares dont worth it)

You will be warned when we notice


EDIT: Also, continually asking for karma is prohibited

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