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interlude l2interlude.net PvP server


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General Server Rate


Experience: x1000

Spexperience: x1000

Party Experience: x2

Party Spexperience: x2

Adena: x1

Drop Item: x2

Drop Raid: Custom



Enchant Rate


Safe Enchant + 3

Max Enchant + 15

Other Features

Normal Scroll Rate: Progressive 100% on +1, 30% on +15 ( Drop, Farm Zone, Gm Shop)

If your Scroll failed your enchant will be return to 0 and your item will be crystallization


Blessed Scroll Rate: Progressive 100% on +1, 65% on +15 ( RB Drop, PC Bang Shop )

If your Scroll failed your enchant will be return to 0 and your item will be NOT crystallization


Crystal Scroll Rate: 100% ( Vote Shop )


Server Buff System


32 Buff Slots + 4 Divine = 36 all together


6 Debuff Slots


Town Buff NPC: 3 Hour Buff Duration

(You can choose between Normal Style and Scheme Style )


If you die in any zone you will never lost your buffs


Custom NPC System


Clan Reputatuin NPC - Easy to take clan reputation and up clan level


Olympiad System

We use Gracia Retail like system

Satrt - 18:00 End 12:00 Time Zone +0

Hero Period - 2 Weeks

Anti feed/check olympiad system


Subclass Features

No Quest Item request for Subclasses

Max sub class per char = 3


Clan/Ally Features

Clan/Ally/Clan Reputation sell in Custom Clan Npc

Max Clans in ally 3

No penalty when you leave or dismiss clan


Banking System

Offline Trader System

PC Bang System - you gaining points for the time you spending online, you can exchange the points in PC Bank Shop.


Rebirth System - you can rebirth 3 times. Speak with NPC to rebirth your char. Each rebirth is giving you additional passive skills that will make your char stronger.


Wedding System


Custom Command System

.online - show online members

.stat - Show enemy target statistic like P.def M.def.....

.repair - fixed problems with your char like stuck/critical erros

.farm1 - teleport you to Farm Zone

.pvp1 - teleport you to Spot 1 of PvP Zone

.pvp2 - teleport you to Spot 1 of PvP Zone



Custom Features

All New Players will start level 76

All New Players will start with 500k Adena

Game Settings Panel - Give you change for better Game Play

Custom Borad System - Give you extra information and few options

Custom farm Zone - The zone will give you farm coins exchange in Gm shop


Augment Features

Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive )


Mid-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 5%

High-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 10%

Top-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 15%



Donation - We have implemented a new donate system Auto. You need just to login with your account,you choose the reward and you add the credits. Then go to shop/donation and choose reward. Remember your Char need to be offline to receive reward.

check  L2interlude.net


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Gl mate for this server i hope to be grate server.! , btw i offer free Hopzone advertishment for this server If admin Whant this just pm. me...! ,  (ALB)-me suksese vlla here e pare qe shikoj server qe e ka shqiptar nge maxcheater.!

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