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Lineage 2 Epic-World||A Retail C6 Server || IS ONLINE

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I'm speakin truth. We're out!


as i said with one of your clan members over there at skype:


zlip is not going to bring us in your server after the last conversation he saw you lost the best clan at pvp servers! Gz.

[4:20:51 μμ] Berny.Ger: i cant do anything and ive talk with many peoples that will join in our server

[4:21:02 μμ] Berny.Ger: its simply,everone can talk with our team everytime when we are online

[4:21:14 μμ] Berny.Ger: now its your choise if you are going to join or not to our server.




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well i see that you have some nice stats , GL with your project but try making advertising other way then entering with bots on l2roe and also other server i guess , btw in first post you say site,forum offline and they are online , use edit

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