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Lineage 2 Epic-World||A Retail C6 Server || IS ONLINE

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We are Glad to Announce L2 Epic-World A Balanced  skilled pvp Server.

With knownledge of some years of developing on l2j and the knownledge under lineage 2 as player ...

I'm happy to introduce you my Lineage  PvP Server, Epic-World!

We made  1 server,as no1 PvP Server around,that we want to think.






Experience: x2000

Skill Points: x2000 

Adena Drop: x3000

Pk Drop: x25


Enchant Rates:


Safe Enchant: +4

Max Armor: +10

Max weapon: 16

Enchant Success Normal: 75%

Enchant Success Blessed: 85%

Enchant Success Crystal: 100%




Quest no Need for Class change

Quest no Need for Subclass

Buffs/Buff Time - 2h

NPC Buffer Scheme (without resist)

Mana potions

All caste/clan hall work

Skills 100% working

Dualbox is allowed.

Flawless geodata

Autolearn skills

NPC changing classes

Max buff a-beep-t: 26 (+4)(Read Forum)

Friendly GM Staff

Regular updates

Awesome Balance

GM events

Player's spawn protect: 60 sec





-Clan eggs into GM shop

-Max Clans in ally - 2

-All Castle/Fortress Working

Sieges weekly.

-Clan Penalty - No Penalty

-Ally Penalty - No Penalty

-Members in clan for war - 15

-Members for increase clan - 15

-Custom Rep Point System

-Instant level 80

-Custom Enchant Skills

-Custom Mobs


-Team Vs. Team (TVT) event

-Capture the Flag (CTF) event

-Death Match (DM) event

-Fortress Event

-Stryder Event

-Daily Gm Events


-New character start with 500kk adena

-Max Subclasses = 5 ,max level of subclass = 80



-Max Runspeed = 300

-Max A.speed = 1600

-Max C.speed = 2000

-Max Evasion = 220



-Character inventory slots = 250

-PvP/PK zone = Primeval Isle (with random respawn)(Bishops Cannot Making Group Heal)

-Unstuck Command = 10 sec

-Spawn Protection 20 Sec

-Anti Heavy System (For All Class)

-Auto Nobless (You are Not Loose your Buffs After Death)

-Unique PvP Quake System

-killing spree system (With Reward)

-Announce Lord Of Castle login

-Announce Top PvP Dealy Login

-Custom PvP/PK Collor System(5 Collors)

-Custom PvP Tittle With E'specialy Word's(Newbie|Soldier|Hero|Legendary

-Special RaidBoss  System(There Is 7 Raid Boss With Respawn time 3 Hours)

-Special Rb Drop: from 1 to 3 Clan rep Item||from 100 to 200 Items For Nobless)

-Custom Coin With Malaria|Flu|Battle Force lvl2|Spell FOrce Lvl2

-Custom Exchnage System .col||.adena

-Flagged players can't teleport creating more pvp action

-Anti Buff SHiled (Blocks any kind of buff.)

-Chats  (Global CHat With 250 PvP)(Trade Chat With 200 PvP)

-Hero Voice||Global Chat||Trade Chat:  Dealy 1 Minute

-Logging out while in private store your character remains online selling and you can't move and you can't take the rewards from voting.

-Grand Raid Boss Respawn Time:

*Valakas: 6 Hours

*Antharas: 6 Hours

*Baium: 6 Hours

*Frintezza: 6 Hours

*Ant Queen: 5 Hours

*Zaken: 5 Hours

*Core: 3 Hours

*Orfen 3 Hours


~Custom Item's


-Vote Item Number 1

-Vote item Number 2

-Clan Rep Item

-Buff Item

-Farm Item L2 Epic-World

-Noblesse Item

-Castle Lord Circlet (Custon Stats: 800 Hp||800 Cp)

-Hero Circlet (Custom Stats 500 Hp 500 Cp)


Custom Comants











-All tct Comants to join in event's



Custom Npc's



-Custom Gate Keeper(You can See How many are online In Custome Zones)

-Custom Gm Shop

-Custom Vote Shop

-Custom Buffer

-Custom Shop

-Custom Agumenter

-Custom Skill Enchanter




-Mid Rate Life Stone 8%

-High Grade Life Stone 9%

-Top Grade Life Stone 15 %

-1 Active|1 Passive

-All Nuke Skills have cd 5 Secont's




-Olympiad start 18:00 and end 24:01

-Hero Change Every Sunday 02.00

-Olympiad Battle 6 Minute's

-Olympiad Waite Time 30 Seconts

-Validation period 12h

-Anti-Feed System you cant see waiting list!

-After Match your skills refreshed like Freya.




-DDoS Protection (Realy DDOS Protections From Russian Company)

-Russian LameGuard Protection (Phx-Walker-Hlapex-L2Net+)

-Olympiad Protection

-Spawn Protection

-Anti- Feed Protection




- Intel Xeon E5650 6/12 * 2,66 GHz

- 16 GB DDR3 ECC Registered

- Unlimited GB inklusive / Flat

- Onboard / Software RAID

- 2 - 8 Port Controller

- 100MBit FD Fast-Ethernet Anschluss     

- 1000MBit Full Duplex optional       

- 2 IP Adressen pro Server inkl.

- Linux Debian 6.1.3 Last Version




WebSite:www.L2Epic-World.comOffline- We Are Working

Forum:www.L2Epic-World.com/forumOffline- We are Working



Update List


1:Update: 11/7/2012


About Farm Zones!



Farm Zone 2(There Drop 2-3 High Grade LifeStone||And Farm Coins)

Farm Zone 1(There Drop 1 Chest,you have to press on Chest and you will get a random Bless Scroll)


2:Uptade 10/7/2012


Added .menu coamant:There you can Active/or Close many Custom thinks



Update 12/7/2012



-Change: The Self Vote Reward Changed,you dont have to press .votereward,There is A NPC With The Banner's Of Add zone's Which you can select and to vote 4us :)


-Added: Clan Gate retail Like off,for all Castle Lord's


-Added: Siege Reward System,The Clan Which  Will take the Castle,after siege finish will get 10k Rep Points,and All Online Member's Will get A Special Reward,Reward Item (Mistake)





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Anything about opening date?


About Grand opening,Look Dude we are install our dedicate today,and tomorrow we will install DDOS-Protections.

So we can say Grand Opening will be from Monday.''But'' We are not sure :)

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