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[L2OFF] L2Panic , serious server. x65

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www.l2panic.com , the server begins the day 14-07-2012.


Lineage 2 Panic is brought to you by an experienced crew of gamers, coders, administrators and game masters !  We offer you the guarantee of a serious server.


We are a nonprofit server , where we keep the donations to stay alive !

We don't give powered items in exchange for donations.


<General Information>


-L2Off Interlude Server.

-65x Experience , 65x Skill Points , 75x Adena , 1x Drop.

-Skills are auto-learn.

-There are not custom items.






-Safe enchant = 3 , Max enchant = 20.

-Normal Enchant Rate: 45% , Blessed Enchant Rate: 25%.




-Buff duration for 1st ,2nd and 3rd Class Buffs (2 hours).

-Summon buffs such as Blessing of Queen (2 minutes).


<Custom Zones>


Cave of Trials  --> Drop (Cave Coin, Adena) ;Use Cave Coin for buy S-Weapon .

Elven Fortress --> Drop (Elven Coin, Adena) ; Use Elven Coin for buy S-Armor.

Abandoned Coal Mine -- > Drop (Coal Coin , Adena);Use Elven Coin for buy S-Jewel.

Primeval Island  --> Drop (Pi Coin , Adena);  Use Pi Coin for buy Ls,Dyes.

Forge of Gods --> Drop (God Coin , Adena); Use God Coin for buy Enchant Scrolls.



<Custom Raids>


-T-Rex --> Drop (1 Raid Coin).Respawn time [4hours]

-At the end of each custom zone there is one Custom Raid Boss --> Drop (6-10 Raid Coin).Respawn time [12hours]

-Grand Bosses --> Boosted to level 80 . Respawn time (Queen Ant[24hours],Zaken[48hours],Baium[72hours],Antharas[96hours],Valakas[120hours])



-Clan points system : Killing Grand Bosses and Custom raids  you will earn clan points.




<Standard Raids>


-Varka's Commander Mos, Ketra's Chief Brakki , Shaman King Selu , Ketra's Hero Hekaton ,Varka's Chief Horus,Vanor Chief Kandra,

Eilhalder von Hellmann , Death Lord Ipos, Meanas Anor , Bloody Empress Decarbia , Death Lord Shax ,

Antharas Priest Cloe , Death lord Hallate  , Immortal Savior Mardil ,Kaysha Herald of Icarus.


-Clan points system : Killing Standard Raids you will earn clan points.





-Castle sieges are every week, exchanging between Aden , Giran , Goddard and Gludio.

-Remaining castles will not be used in automated sieges but will instead be used in various events.




-1st, 2nd and 3rd class change quests are free. You do not have to do them. Talk to class manager in main town and he will grant you their completion.


-You can buy subclass quest item from custom shop in giran.Just with adena.


-You can buy noblesse quest item from custom shop in giran.Just with adena.


-You can buy blooded fabric, portal stone and floating stone at custom Shop , just trading them for Raid Coin.






-Items from olympiad restricted , you can't join with raid boss jewels or items enchanted.

-The Olympiads are held every 2 weeks.


<Custom NPCs>


-The GmShop sells items up to S grade with most accessories and consumables along with it.

-The Npc buffer sells all the useful buffs (1st ,2nd and 3rd Class).

-There is class changer which lets you perform class changes.

-Delevel npc that let you decrease your level.

-The CustomShop sells all the quest items that you are needing.




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