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L][Gustin Faction||2012-2013||Grand Opening In 1 Hour!

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Dear Members, We are glad to announce you the Grand Opening  of Lineage 2 Gustin Server.We want to refer to you that this is a high quality programmised server based on Interlude.All stats and features work perfectly. We'll be happy to get you with us.






•Experience: 1

•Spexperience: 1

•Party Experience: 1

•Party Spexperience: 1

•Adena: 0

• Consumable Cost: 0

• Drop Item Karma: 0

• Drop Seal Stones: 0

• Drop Spoil: 0

• Drop Manor: 0






• Safe Enchant: +3

• Weapon Max Enchant: +16

• Armor Max Enchant: +16

• Jewels Max Enchant: +16

• Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%

• Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 95%





•In Every Zone Spawned 4 Flags,The First Faction which take it will be rewarded: With Adena

•If 1 From Faction Take all Flags they will Win The Zone And all Faction Team rewarded 10-15 Adena

•Zone's Changed every 50 Minutes New Zone

•Players Can vote for another Zone There is 80 Zones To Vote

•In The End of Zone the Faction with The Most PvP kills Will rewarded

•In the end of Zone The Player with The most pvp will take 25 Adena

•in the end of Zone the Secont pvp player will take 15 Adena



• Starting Adena (0)

    • Spawn Protection 20sec

    • Starting Level (80)

    • Anti Heavy System, Dagger, tyrant, and bow classes won't be able to equip heavy type armours.

    • There are  two factions.

    • Every player can rechose his faction any time he want. With The price 150 Adena

    • We have faction points system: top three players of the round get special rewards and top faction of the round receive special rewards too.

    • Adena can be earned by killing other faction members or being best player of the round.You can take around 2/3/4/5/6 Adena

    • Skill Points (needed to enchant your skills and to rise your clan level) can be received by capturing flags.

    • Faction Points can be received in many ways too - pvp, ctf.

    • Adena rewards on pvp is multipled by flags count which belongs to your faction. If your faction have two flags then reward will be = 2 Adena.If you take that Flag's You Can Teleport in the flag Which you have take

    • If you kill player you get (Adena 1-2,Experience 500-1000,ClanPoints 500-1000,Skill Point 500-1000,Faction Point 500-1000,Box of S grade Armor 5%,Weapon 5% ,Jewel 5% and Hats 5%,Bexs 6%).

    • Adena rewards also will be increased if your clan owns the one of three castles:

          o Dion Castle = reward + 4;

          o Gludio Castle = reward + 3.

    • Party members get rewards too, If player drop 6 aden while party are 9 players then 6players get 1 aden.

    • Auto Events reward:

          o Chaos Event + GM Speed  = reward + 100-150aden,Exp 100-200,SP 300-500,PTS 5-10;


You can play with dualbox, but if your box character will be in your party, he won't receive any reward.

      We have protections against pvp farm, so don't worry about perfect gameplay.


Olympiad Information


    • Begins 18:00

    • Ends 00:00

    • Hero changes every week, at Saturday 24:00!

    • Olympiad Type: Modified


•Vote Reward System

•You have to press .votepanel And there is 2 Banner's Hopzone/Topzone

•After Pressing in 1 banner you have 45 Seconts To Vote In topzone/hopzone

•Reward: 100 Adena||150 Cp Potions||2 Top Grade Ls




• No Custom

• Castle Sieges  (Only 3 Castles)

• Clan Hall Sieges

• Noblesses & Heroes System

• Max Level 80

• All Quests

• Clan Wars

• C5/Interlude Clan System

• subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights) • Cursed weapons

• Wepon Augmentations

• Shadow Weapons

• Dueling System

• All C4/C5/Interlude Skills

• All Raid Bosses + Grand Bosses + Frintezza

• Olympiad 100% Retail like

• Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes

• Active and experienced development/GMteam!

• No corruptions!

• NO LAG!!!

• 100% Uptime

• International community

• 20 Buff Slots

• 14 Song Dance Slots

• 4 Debuff Slots




• Command name: .online

    • Description: Shows online statistics.

    • Command name: .mapinfo

    • Description: Shows information about current map.






• Full GM Shop

• Special Shop

• Full Buffer

• Global Gate Keeper

• Skill Enchanter Manager

• Augmenter

• Nobless Item

• Class Manager

• Server Info

• Top Status

• Weding Manager






•Cisco ASA 5500 (Network Build)

•L2 Wallker Protection

•Spawn Protection:20 Sec

•Olympiad Protection

•Events Protection

•L2Net Protection

•L2Boot Protectio








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i read all the features and i was thinking yeah,this is a good server and suddenly i saw...

"40 Buff Slots

  24 Song Dance Slots

  4 Debuff Slots"

u must be kidding me in faction server...max 30 dude!64buff slots?u want only archer server?come on!

also when do u think is gonna be the ETA?

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how you want to gain players if you are not even able to tell us the grand opening date ?  you know that faction server population begins and dies.... noone joins in progress.  i expect here 50 online and 3days to death.

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