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[Official][Bartz] 1-85 in 3 days, private power-leveling.

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  • Who are you? I am an experienced Lineage 2 player located in the United States.
  • What services do you offer? Power leveling - specifically 1-85 and 75-85.
  • Which server do you offer these services on? Official Bartz server.
  • Have you been doing this long? I have been leveling players 75-85 in 16-20 hours the past month and am looking to expand the services I offer.
  • Well, i'm interested can you tell me more? Lvl 1-85 takes around 3 days (72 hours). For this you will only need to supply an account with a fresh character (no adena or items). I will legitimately level your character to 85 with the help of my character(s) mentoring you and supplying buffs. This power leveling is completely private and I only take on one job at a time.
  • Sounds good, how do I know my account is safe? I ask that you create a new account (since it's free) to ensure the safety of your main account. Only 1 IP address (mine, united states) will be logging into the account. If you choose to create a character on your main account and the account is banned because of me, I will offer a refund.
  • A refund.. so you want me to pay a guy I don't know? It's absolutely safe, I use PayPal and am a verified trusted account holder. If you feel you have been cheated, PayPal will take action in resolving the situation. However, I will not be cheating anyone out of money, this is a legitimate service.


Please contact me at the email below to set-up your power-leveling or ask any questions you may have (including payment, details and any concerns).


Email: L2fusiongaming@yahoo.com





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