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[L2OFF] L2Panic , serious server. x65

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I love this guys who cant run a server properly or fail too much at playing this game so they dedicate only @ fucking other people servers up even when l2 is basically dead and it needs something good when it finaly shows up some kids destroy those servers with lol atacks like atacking website, like they cant create another site and upload the patch lol damn kiddos took over l2

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website is totaly down because:

1st option - there is too much competition between interlude's so they fak up each other


2nd option - incompetent ppl



Staff seem decent and to have worked a lot in this project, now this thing with website is just screwing everything but it can be solved in time.

About competition I don't think there is any atm tbh just some kids do this for fun it isnt any kind of competition because other mid rates out there atm are shit and their features are shit compared to this one not to mention lol highrates like l2awakening or even worse l2atack which are complete bulls...

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