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hellbound L2 Pulsator open date 01/07/2012


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www.l2-p.com welcome you to his open date 01/07/2012


Similar to Retail Server (Not Custom)


==Server Rates:


Rate Experience: 20

Rate Spell Point: 20

Rate Party Experience: 1.2

Rate Party Spell Point: 1.2

Rate Drop Items: 20

Rate Drop Spoil: 20

Rate Drop Adena: 20

Rate Quest Reward: 4

Rate Quest Reward XP: 2

Rate Quest Reward SP: 2

Rate Quest Reward Potion: 2

Rate Quest Reward Scroll: 2

Rate Quest Reward Recipe: 1

Rate Quest Reward Material: 2

Rate Quest Reward Adena: 2

Rate Raid Boss Drop: 3

Rate Grand Boss Drop: 3

Rate Vitality Level 1: 1.5 +150%

Rate Vitality Level 2: 2.0 +200%

Rate Vitality Level 3: 2.5 +250%

Rate Vitality Level 4: 3.0 +300%

Rate Nevita XP Bonus: 50%


==Server Configuration:


Class Change:

1st (100k),

2nd(1kk) and

3rd (10kk && 1kk AA Rewards 1 GC)

(Pop up button or manager by your choice).

Max Buff A-beep-t: 24

Max Dance A-beep-t: 12

Max Toggle A-beep-t: 5 ( Count of toggle skills that not effected by Max Buff A-beep-t )

Max Debuff A-beep-t: 10 ( Count of debuff skills that not effected by Max Buff A-beep-t )

Max Triggered Buffs A-beep-t: 6 ( Count of triggered skills that not effected by Max Buff A-beep-t )

Safe Item Enchant: +4

Max Item Enchant: +16

Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60%

Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 60%

Ancient Scroll Enchant Rate: 73%

Element Stone Rate: 50%

Element Crystal Rate: 30%

Auto Drop Loop: On (Can be disabled via .cp)

Player's Spawn Protect: 60 seconds

Max Run Speed: 300

Max PCrit Rate: 500

Max MCrit Rate: 200

Max PAtk Speed: 1500

Max MAtk Speed: 1999

Max Evasion: 250

Max Subclass: 3

Max Subclass Level: 85

Subclass without quest

Weight Limit: 10

Subclass certification working properly (NOW)

Olympiad Min Players: 9 Classed/Non-Classed

Spoil Blue Mobs - Yes

Delevel decrease skills level also !


==Working H5 features:


H5 Quests have been added.

H5 Items has been added.

H5 Skills has been added and implemented to chars.

H5 Doors has been added.

H5 Olympiad Stadium has been added.

H5 Mailbox fixed.

Frintezza in instance.

Freya in instance!

Zaken in instance!

Olympiad updated to h5

Olympiad player's nick hide protection is not activated 1st month if there's feeds it will be!

Olympiad will no longer let clan mates play vs each other.

Olympiad Quests has been added.

Dragon Valley 99% Done

Added Nevit's Blessing

Added Hunting Bonus

Added Fallower of Destruction raids

Added Nevit's Herald (When antharas / valakas die npc will give 3h bonus exp)

Outside the any town Destruction Raid Bosses


==More features:


Hellbound (90% done retail like) 11 lvl

Seven Sings quests - Retail Like

Seven Sings instances - Retail Like

Nornils Garden instance - Retail Like

Mithril Mine instance - Retail Like

Steel Citadele - Retail Like

Kamalokas - Retail Like

Sailren Instance has been added - Custom

Sel Mahum Training Ground has been added - Retail Like

Chamber Of Delusion has been added - Retail Like

Naia Tower + Beleth has been added - Retail Like

Freya Chember has been added - Retail Like

Seed of Destruction + Raid Boss Tiat has been added - Retail Like

Seed of Infinity + Raid Boss Ekimus has been added - Custom

Seed of Infinity + The Two Brothers instance has been added - Retail Like

Seed of Infinity farm has been added - Custom

Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses Torumba/Taklacan/Dopagen has been added - Retail Like

Seed of Anihilation farming zone - Retail Like

Tully Workshop has been added - Retail Like

Crystal Cavern - Retail Like

Fortress sieges - Retail Like

Castle sieges - Retail Like

Olympiad Games - Retail Like

All Grand Bosses - Retail Like

All Normal Bosses - Retail Like

Talismans - Retail Like

Player Skills - 99% working Retail Like

Monsters Skills - 95% working Retail Like

Clan Skills - 100% Retail Like

Fortress/Castles/Territory Skills - 100% Retail Like


==Custom features:


.cp voiced command (Gives u ability to change settings like exp/sp/drop/see offline shops)

.openatod 123 voiced command (Opening Ancient Tome of Demons)

Custom Shop - All needed for your gameplay till S Grade.

Minimum dinstance to set private store: Npc = 100, Player = 50

NPC Buffer > Manual or Scheme support.

NPC Shopers > most of them at Giran.


See you in game .

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