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Yorick!  Guide :p Let's see




























Hello! I apologize for taking so long to update my masteries and give this guide any sort of attention over the last few months. I haven't played LoL for a LONG time due to RL commitments but plan to get back into it very soon. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the support given during my downtime and I will definitely make it up to you guys soon. I am also aware this guide needs more updating then just the masteries and I will get to that during the coming weeks. Keep owning it up with Mr Yorick for me!! Also if you do not like something about the guide can you please leave a comment why you down-voted. I will will understand perfectly if you down-vote for and leave a reason but when I get troll votes it's a bit of a pain as I put tons of effort into this guide for you guys not myself.





Hi there guys this is my way of building Yorick which I find pretty damn effective from early-late game. This guide has some inspirations from Elementz guide (which is out of date) but i find that making a few changes works nicely with Yorick.


For those who do not know i consider Yorick a great Tanky Dps champion who is viable in any lane but shines with a decent partner or even in mid lane. I am not a high ELO ranked player but I do consider myself an avid Yorick player who knows him back to front if you try this guide yourself you will not be disappointed.


I wrote this guide because Mobafire was seriously lacking any decent Yorick guides and since his nerf he seems to be constantly pushed to the side or considered worthless. I want to help the community by showing them how Yorick can still be an excellent champ. I put tons of effort into this guide so please read the whole guide or at least play a few matches before you down vote. If you do not like it please leave a comment with some constructive criticize.








I have tried different combos of runes including dodge yellows, arpen reds and mana regen blues but I can honestly say these runes have had the most success out of all the combinations.


greater-mark-of-strength.png 9 Greater Mark Of Strength


greater-seal-of-resilience.png 9 Greater Seal Of Resilience


greater-glyph-of-shielding.png 9 Greater Glyph of Shielding


greater-quintessence-of-strength.png 9 Greater Quint Of Strength



greater-quintessence-of-strength.png I choose these over arpen because Yoricks early game harass is amazing based off his ghoul damage which scales with AD. These also make it easier to last hit minions and works well with the rest of your item build.


greater-mark-of-strength.png I choose these marks for the same reason I select the Quints.



greater-seal-of-resilience.png These armor runes will allow you to run in and out of range to harass the enemy with ease and take minimal damage in return.


greater-glyph-of-shielding.png The same reason as the seals basically. MR scales well into late game and is always an effective thing to have.







I have had the most success with the first build I have tried many different combinations including more defensive and more offensive but Yoricks early game is seriously lacking without the utility. Since the mastery changes (and my absence from LoL) I have been told utility is not worth investing so many points into anymore. But I tried to keep the new mysteries as similar as possible to what you guys really enjoyed before the mastery changes. Feel free to switch them around or give suggestions in the comments but the same build still applies pre changes.




I have provided a second build in my guide focusing heavily on defense and lightly on offence. I have tested this in a few games and it seems to work reasonably well and some players might enjoy it more then my original utility build. Most of the mastery choices are self explanatory and the item build stays the same but if you do want some more info on that build then leave it in the comments. Those who cannot figure out how to view the second mastery page, just click on the yellow arrows above my current tree to switch between them.


Defensive tree:


Resistance : Stack with glyphs

Hardiness : Stack with seals



Utility Tree:


Summoners Insight : This mastery will improve many spells but it is mainly aimed at improving flash cool down.

Expanded Mind : This build is based on regen and harass and this mastery is perfect for it.

Good hands Great all round talent for most champions.

Quickness : one of my favorite masteries! the movement speed early game is great and you can get in and out to harass easily.

Meditation: Mana regen early is vital on Yorick.

Runic Affinity: If the Teamates don't mind you taking buffs now and then this talent is great for blue and red which are both very powerful on Yorick.

Awareness : This will help you to max E ghoul faster and get ulti and is just a great advantage to have for any champ.

Strength of Spirit : max this because it is an amazing talent for Yorick!! Yorick is going to have a very large mana pool thanks to Tear and Manamune and this talent becomes very effective mid-late game. Chuck a Warmogs armor in there and you will have some crazy regen.

Intelligence : Allows for more ghoul usage.

Mastermind : Another great mastery for bringing the cool down lower on summoner spells.



















yorick-omen-of-famine.png > yorick-omen-of-pestilence.png = yorick-omen-of-war.png


This is the way I usually build Yorick.yorick-omen-of-famine.png  I then take turns to max out yorick-omen-of-pestilence.png and yorick-omen-of-war.png Before you think WTF there is actually a valid reason I do this, they are both very important skills but neither important enough to take priority over the other during the leveling phase. If you level them equally you will be getting a nice use out of both of them until late game instead of only having a strong E or a strong W these skills work in perfect sync and that is the way I build them.


Obviouslyyorick-omen-of-death.png should be upgraded at the standard available levels which are 6, 11 and 16 if you didn't already know.







Classic Items




Depending on your team comp and lane is what these items come down to. If your solo and your going to be offtanking you should grab meki pendant. Manemune is pretty much globally accepted on Yorick and rushing tear is a must. Faerie charm is a good start when duo laning because it grants a similar bonus to meki pendant, but builds into philosopher's stone. Regrowth Pendant should only be used when you have a good a-beep-t of practice with Yorick's early game. It will allow you to passively heal small harassment and save mana for big momments.






Tear is used mostly for the laning phase, but rushing manamune never hurts. Philosopher's stone is also a great item for laning, but doesn't build into anything straight damage. Boots of speed are a no brainer.



Core Offtank Items





This is your core. Your objective is the grab these quickily because once you do you become a very big bully. These will allow you to dominate any lane and just piss your enemies off.



manamune.gif This item is just amazing on Yorick. Mana, mana regen, and AD is exactly what you lack early. Manemune solves all these problems with the use of just one item slot.


mercurys-treads.gif I don't find any boots to be as good as Merc Treads. Even with the buff to tenacity items I usually grab these. They grant you a nice chunk of MR and allow you to move in combat uninterupted. You can trade these for Ninja Tabi or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.



giants-belt.gif Once you have attained this item you will be very bulky. Your lane presence will almost double if you can kite correctly. 2v1 lane should not be an issue after this if you played your cards right.



Core Tank Items





These are my personal choice when duo laning while fulfilling the role of pure tank. Gold per 5 items make up for the lack of CS in bottom lane.



shurelyas-reverie.gif Great for tank Yorick. The speed increase will allow him to gap close even better than usual and it doubles as an escape tool. The health and mana regen are great for laning. The biggest thing about reverie is the CDR and how it effects your support damage.



ionian-boots-of-lucidity.gifI only really use these when I'm playing support on bottom. The CDR is great for your kit and stacks nicely with reverie. You can rely on Q as your damage with the massive CDR early.


heart-of-gold.gif This provides health and much needed gold to a support Yorick. Builds into Omen later on and is great for the lane phase.



Situational Tanking


warmogs-armor.gif  I love and hate Warmogs. Its great if your doing well and want to keep yourself ahead of the enemy team's damage. If your behind it almost always seals your fate due to you spending to much time on it. Depends on the player, but you can easily find health/defense somewhere else.


frozen-mallet.gif I find this helps you hold onto people, as well as generate health for Atma's. Great item for your chase game.


randuins-omen.gif Omen is a great item because it scales all game. Every item you need for it is good in some way during early-mid game. Small CRD bonus is awesome and the active can increase your kite.



frozen-heart.gif CDR, mana, armor, and a great disable. Syncs well with manamune and glacial shroud is a great midgame item.


atmas-impaler.gif Armor, Crit, and damage based on max health. Taking this item after a major health boost like warmogs is a must. For all the health you bought you'll be recieving bonus damage. Focus on Chain fest first and finish once you have the funds.



force-of-nature.gif Awesome item for Magic resist. The speed increase alone is worth a buy on Yorick. Whenever I finally grab this item I always feel like I enter "god mode" status. People won't be able to escape your reach in a chase.


banshees-veil.gif This item syncs well with manamune and atma's. The magic resist is nice and the passive allows you to safely initiate.



spirit-visage.gif CRD, Health, Magic resist, and a decent passive. If you need magic resist early and your ahead in cash you can buy this with some more laning ahead of you.



Extra Damage



hextech-gunblade.gif Great item to finish your offtank build with. Everything you need to be really dangerous and adds another slow to your kite combo. This is the best choice when looking to finish off a build with more damage


trinity-force.gif Trinity is pretty solid buy on Yorick when you have a little CRD. The problem with trinity force, and the reason I stay away from it, is it makes you dependent on your Q for damage. Champions with the potential to kite you will outpoke you, thus losing your biggest advantage.



the-bloodthirster.gif I buy this when the enemy team is mostly melee AD. The damage increase is straight forward and the lifesteal is a great bonus to your sustain. Why against melee AD? Well their damage usually ranges around 200-300 AD and attack speed. Bloodthirster will have you healing overtime while in combat with these baddies.


youmuus-ghostblade.gif I don't buy this one often, but I enjoy throwing it into my build when I'm playing for fun. CDR is great and the active is pretty boss.









- Can be an amazing farmer with ghouls and nice AD.

- Great pusher.

- Ultimate can change the outcome of a fight.

- Great 1v1 champ

- Amazing sustain in lane.

- Can be built pretty tanky with only a couple items.

- AMAZING harass.

- Passive makes him super tanky in team fights.




- Can be Mana starved if you do not build tears/Manamune.

- No escape abilities (besides slow ghoul).

- W ghoul scales with AP and will basically only be used for the slow late game.

- Q is great but only gives movement speed when you hit them.

- Ultimate can be buggy and wasted if not used wisely



So as you can see Yorick is a great overall champion and has some Cons like most champions. If you play correctly you can have almost flawless games.


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Give some credits!

Cause cons/pros  are c/p!



[Gr] to GUide einai diko mou kai episis to guide pou edi3es den  exei kamia omiotita apo to diko mou Cons/Pros einai klasika .

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[Gr] to GUide einai diko mou kai episis to guide pou edi3es den  exei kamia omiotita apo to diko mou Cons/Pros einai klasika .

[GR]Τα γραφεις ακριβώς με την ίδια σειρά που δεν νομίζω ότι είναι τυχαίο



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[GR]Τα γραφεις ακριβώς με την ίδια σειρά που δεν νομίζω ότι είναι τυχαίο




[Gr] eleoC ti 8a skeuti o an8ropos ginana pi pws to guide den einai dikO to ida kai auto !

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