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Lineage 2 Official European Server Innova PTS Tauti Server

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On 14/06 Innova's Official European Server launched PTS for Tauti. Chars created are 99 lvl, have cat ingame to change class & nobless, in wh full equipment & consumables 99lvl. Only needed by players is the awakening quest which literally takes 5 min to do on 99 lvl fully equipped.


Here is posted info on how to log on pts (https://forum.4game.com/showthread.php?t=10811)


Tauti was launched in NCWest on 12/06 without testing first so any bugs weren't fixed. The most major were that Auction House was displaying prices wrong that resulted in players' adena loss thats why the auction house is disabled on ncwest. Also the new boss Tauti receives 0 dmg from players.

That's why Innova launched a PTS, to test and see bugs before launching it live to it's server which seems more responsible. Also there is the required forum section where players can report bugs



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