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L2 Red vs Blue is now Live


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Newbies will start at Baiums Room , there they can choose their class for Mr.Roy the cat and the faction team that will want to find for. The first team is Blue team. and the second is Red team. Aura's are available on the characters (Like TvT)


They will get instant 78 level after picking up team

~ PvP System

1 PvP = 3 adenas

If a new player kill a mature one then he will get 5 adenas

Anti feed system for pdef,party,clan,same player,etc.

The whole pvp system is based at Maps (All the L2 World except bases is getting a war zone)

Every Map lasts for 25 Mins.

At 1000 PvP you gain acces for using PvP chat  ( Pressing -->  ~  <---- and the text you want)

~ Enchant System

There are no scrolls on the server neither kill based enchant system. In order to get scrolls you need to fight for them, after every pvp kill you got 20% to get a scroll  (It drops random grade scrolls from B Grade - S grade and all types (Normal,Blessed,Crystal ) <- Might change after some polls)

Safe is 3 and max is 16 (60 % rate)

~ Nobless system

Optional 1500 Adenas or Kill Flame of Splentor Barakiel

(If a party kills barakiel then whole party gets noblessed)

~Olympiad (We still work on the olympiad games but now is what is developed

Will be enabled after 1 week of servers uptime

Retail olympiad just ignoring the faction you are. (We thought of making faction vs faction that is what we currently developing but we will implement it after polls)

~Donate Manager

1 Coin of luck = 1 Euro

You take the coins and on GM Shop theres a button that you can by anything you want, prices/items are fair.

~ Supports Classes

Support classes can gain adenas if they are in party since the whole party gets reward

Ressurection skill costs 25 Adena to cast


Kino event using .kino


.mapinfo (check current map + time remaining)

.changepass (change your password)

.kino (play the kino event)




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ok i loged in game but when i see the donate list i was off.. omg +16 sets and weaps? and rb jewels?? no point.. if someone have money he can donate for rb jewels armor and will pawn all the server...

sorry i can do something for this i am not the owner just gm/support

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Probly not D:


i guess you are the attacker but nvm ddosing it all the time may cause you some troubles since i spoke with the company and they wait the next attack to resolve the dns and ips coming from

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i guess you are the attacker but nvm ddosing it all the time may cause you some troubles since i spoke with the company and they wait the next attack to resolve the dns and ips coming from


Nuu it's not but usually they dont stop xD

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    • Time for another summary of our updates over the past 24-48 hours!   We've implemented many new Telegram services, at some amazing prices! Some of the best being: 1559 - Telegram Members [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.43 1560 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 50K/D - AR14] - $0.66 1561 - Telegram Members [0% Drop] [5K] [1H - 5K/D] - $0.93 1564 - Telegram NFT Members [5K] [1H - 5K/D] [Non Drop] ⛔ - $1.57   We've also reduced the price of a few of our Telegram services: 1261 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 10K/D - AR3] - Price decreased from $0.52 to $0.44    1265 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 10K/D - AR7] - Price decreased from $0.60 to $0.51        Instant Instagram Views have also been further reduced to offer the best prices across the market! 1550 - Instagram Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [10M] [Instant - 10M/D] - Price decreased from $0.025 to $0.015    1122 - Instagram Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [50M] [Instant - 1M/D] - Price decreased from $0.05 to $0.016        We've also introduced two instant Twitter services, which we expect to be extremely popular: 1555 - Twitter Likes [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.55 1556 - Twitter Retweets [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.55     And finally, we've made a start on our AUTOMATIC (subscription based services), these can be found under the category Instagram Automatic Services [Subscription Based]. A few of the listed services are: 1567 - Instagram AUTO Likes [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.02 1573 - Instagram AUTO POWER Likes [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $1.04 1570 - Instagram AUTO Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [10M] [Instant - 10M/D] - $0.015 1575 - Instagram AUTO Impressions + Reach + Profile Visits [1M] [Instant - 1M/D] - $0.11 1572 - Instagram AUTO Comments [Random] [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.73 1571 - Instagram AUTO Saves [5K] [Instant - 1K/D] - $0.01     We appreciate your continued support and thank you for using SMMFlare!
    • @xRelic se euxaristw poli filaraki.. ara afou les oti exei arketa themata as dw allo pack kalitera gia na asxolithw.. se euxaristw kai pali
    • Το φροζεν εχει αρκετα θεματα και ενα απο αυτα ειναι λιγο με τα ραιδβοσσ στο σπαουν λιστ...μπορεις να κανεις copy paste το βοοσ και απο l2raidboss να το κανεις νπσ με δικο σου ιδ και να βαλεις συγκεκριμενο τιμε που θες να κανει σπαουν πχ //spawn valakas 1 3600 (wra) απλα θα ξανα βγιε απο την ωρα που θα βγει ... οποτε μπορεις τριτη πχ στις 8 να κανεις //spawn valakas 1 604800 ετσι θα βγει την επομενη τριτη στην ωρα που θα γινει δεαδ... αν θες παλι να εξτρα πραγματα ωστε να γινεται announcements κτλπ θες code απο την αρχη.
    • FROZEN PACK Kalispera stin omada tha ithela na kanw tin eksis erwtisi pws mporw na valaw sta raid boss na vgenoun singekrimenes meres pou thelw egw? P.x pws mporw na kanw to Baium na vgenei kathe Triti Pempti stis 20:00 me 21:00?  H to zaken na vgenei kathe Deutera Tetarti Paraskeuh 19:00 me 20:00? euxaristw apo twra opoios voithisei
    • Thanks, I forgot about New World, after the buggy launch scandal. I heard they fixed it up and planning an content update.   And yeah I'm also waiting for ashes, hope it's gonna actually launch. Keeping up to date on it fr Narc's YouTube channel.
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