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Asking for Lineage II Community Managers

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Question: What is l2 community manager?

Answer: A lineage 2 community manager is a guy who can bring massive people (friends, internet cafes or w/e) to a lineage private server.


Question: How can I become l2 community manager?

Answer: It's simple easy and it can be a chance to get some easy money. If you have friends who like to play in l2 private servers and you can collect 'em as your own "clan" or "small community" then you are one of the guys we are looking for and we have a hot deal to discuss. We need you to talk with numbers and nothing more.


Example of l2 community manager:


Codex is l2 community manager. His job is to bring people to servers. He is an experienced player so he has friends from all clients and rates. He has 13 people for Interlude, 18 for Gracia Final, and so on. He knows one by one his players (friends) and we know them too, just to be sure that he won't lie to us since we check out every player and manager who belongs to our team. Codex is getting like 100euro per mission (mission is when we ask him to bring his player to a specific server) and the only thing he is doing is to bring 30-35 (for now) people to the server we tell him to bring. The more he is bringing the more money he gets.


So, with a few words, if you are interested in becoming a community manager let me know with a PM or with a reply below. Questions and more information will be discussed in private.

Please do not spam this and read carefully before send me a PM.


Alternative contact way: l2communitymanagers@hotmail.com (msn)


Thank you in advance,




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Thank you Snoopi, I really appreciate that. If you're interested in just let me know ;)

i have lost all my contacts, i have stop the drugs(lineage) 2years now ;p


edit:you should care about the scammers for example i get you 40players i take the money and then i leave from server.( i didn't read the whole topic maybe you have find a way to avoid it)

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