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interlude [L2j]L2ConquesT


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La2ConquesT Gameplay PVPstyle.


Info do servidor:


Web SIte: www.la2conquest.com / MSN: msn@la2conquest.com


- Commands: .menu (brings up menu where player can Xp/SP, enable/disable auto loot, register to auto TvT, create offline shop and much more)

- Rates: Exp 50x / Sp 50x / Adena 190x / Drop 8x / Spoil 8x / RaidDropChance 4x

- Versão: Interlude (C6) - L2OFF

- Ant Walker - System Exclusiva - L2OFF Walker Protection.

- Farm System: D/C/B Free for adenas and A/S Farm for Medal and AA

- S Grade Items need Make S Grade Item and Anciente adena

- Auto Learn Skill

- Event TvT ( TvT Coin )

- Safe Enchant +3

- Max Enchant: Armor +10 Jewells +10 Weapon +16

- Raid boss drop Official www.lineage2.com

- Buffs Aiox Time: 3hr

- NPC Buffer 2° job Full Time: 2h

- Mana System Greater Mana and ManaDrug

- AIO Buff system

- 1ª e 2ª Classes não precisa de Quest,3° Job Requered materials.

- ShopOffline


- Staff Active

- Farm Zones ( Varkas Silenos )

- Spoil Drop Top Life and Scroll Paper ( Farm Kanon Armors,Acessoryes and others )

- Staff -=OwgneD=- and -=Trost=- Administrators.

- Eventos: TvT (TeamVsTeam) e muito mais...

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