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Hi guyz i sell a fixed quest for the last revision of beta high five the quest is fixed 100% and tested name (Reclam Our Era)


Vote system with the command .getreward for Hopzone,Topzone (Configurable)



Well if someone want info about that and more another things add me on skype biser_9 or msn migel_mitev@hotmail.com


The prize is cheap of each thing :) i accept via paypal

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hi the vote system has to ways to work the first way is make in game .getreward first of all and later go to the page and vote for hopzone,topzone...... and then again in the game make .Getreward and receive your reward



The second way is if you add only 1 top for ejemplo topzone you need top vote in the page directly and after the vote make on game .GetReward you can add more than 1 Reward is configurable

here you have a photo with the command and for ejemple the reward




It has been shared with better way by Elfocrash.

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hi lindvior you stole me 35 E for a script unuseful  sheared and the worst writted codes ever seen in this life please stop to call the ppl scammers if you stole money from other ppl thx.


This man is calling in msn Firemoon and his msn is juan_rodriguez36@hotmail.com this man is a fake seller and with the worst writted codes ever seen dont trust him


Please one admin/Moderator can close this thread thx

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is shared 100% ask elfo xddd i show your script to him and he say (Share and wrong write the code.And yes i bought it thought this will be the script which you say me before to buy it.Anyway gl with your sales if you sell something after it xddd


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