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Lineage 2 Adding new Races

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huh don't even know where to add this stuff, to talk there is no thread on forum where you can simply talk about interesting stuffs that shame - only straight stuffs - SHARES SHARE THIS KEEP SHARING BRO GJ SHARE MORE KEEP UP... etc

help help i need help Arhh HElp me someone


so anyway lets stay on topic,

i do know how to add new races, its not a big deal if you know with what you'r working

the main question is who else know how to add races.


lets play a guess game so it would be more interesting for me to share for you THIS SECRET information on how add new races


i will sey key word's - new class, server take class.


and you need to guess, how to make that so that new races would be added


you need to think good about what the process its self represent of adding existing race.

so by this way you will understand how to add new.

Its not interesting for me to say just - arh tht this way


or making any tutorial


cause i'v allready did some,


and what i get mm much views or some feedback nop nothing huh ,

keeep up bro YOU SOO COOL ! your a god ! bless you huh pixels stuff it's not intersting....m



i don't wait that you say i kinda have some thought about that and some idea's, i wait

and i will see kind'a like that - FUUUUUUU Fuu*** YOu youR *** as yoou  Lied to me Its not a share close the topic he is an As*** he is not sharing as i want , and so and so and so etc...


ITs kinda hard deal to make great things and it would'NT be so easy as you think! nop that kind of stuff's are not working so,



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Guest Elfocrash

Nice work bro, always done good jobs, but how to create the character? and...

Why i see on login Screen Lvl 80 Human Fighter?

yeah didnt change the name on systring.i was jsut testing ^^ now i fixed this and added the wing too

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Nice work bro, always done good jobs, but how to create the character? and...

Why i see on login Screen Lvl 80 Human Fighter?

mm it could be done by first way-


adding script.u in Lineage2(c6)systemFolder from Kamael client,

adding kamael.ukx etc in Lineage2(animation folder).

adding Kamael.utx in Lineage(systextures folder)


and if client c6 works with c7 then it loads,



if its not,

then you can simply change the packge For example Fighter.ukx to Kamael.ukx

and don't forgett to change the mesh names themself its kind'a big process exporting all of this stuff as psk then import them in UT2004 export import etc.

or changes in dat. files


not a big deal rly )


one more thing he a like good magiciant illusionist didn't showing the screen with making race,


cause what you gonna see there is Human races changed to kamael huh ))


What ELF220px-Elf-Elf.jpg crash1289972951_crash_bandicoot_trilogy_ntsc-cdcovers_cc-front.jpg,


yeah thats where you get nickname huh,



should i show people what trick you are doing ?huh




I know all your trick's, you don't know any of mine

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The "Other Way" needs a lot of work...

First adapt all itens, armors and acessories to the new race(if you dont wanna play with the same armor :D ) after this we need too a big java suport to class quests and other things needed to make the model interact with other things.

So from where you wanna start? Nothing is impossible, just need to make your way... ;D

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Nothing to show to you.It uses new map to create the char.Just this.have fun

uha New map, what map UNR and how this map fits with Model.ukx ?


huh you can say anything about that you didn't do like i explaind but in reality YES YOU did.

Cause you don't wont to show the screen with choosing the race,


Where it would be clear shown that you just changed some dat files,

or ukx files

nothing more, not even interesting,

you didn't added new race

you just changed model of the existing huh.

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