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L2 SpecTruM PvP 50x - Open 01/June - [Server Pack L2DC]


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Our servers use the best platforms available today, providing an optimal gameplay for everyone, we are always looking for mistakes so we can find solutions and resolve always as fast as possible, and for that we have the cooperation of players in our forum that seeks to become more effective.




Our team consists of professionals in the field of Information Technology - specializing in PHP development, Java and SQL - and a great road in Lineage 2, both in the game as the administration server. In addition we have contacts that provides us with ideas and suggestions so that we can build a server that is pleasing to our players.




The itengrantes the staff are always committed to bringing news for everyone to have fun, play and overcome challenges posed in planned and spontaneous events. We always seek the best quality in software and hardware for our servers have an uptime of virtually 100%.

Besides all that our support is always willing to resolve potential problems through the forum and via e-mail service, resolving issues always with very good sense for both parties involved.


Server Rates


- Experience Points Multiplier (Exp): 50x

- Skill Points Multiplier (Sp): 50x

- Drop Multiplier: 15x

- Adena Drop Multiplier: 100x

- Spoil Points Multiplier: 15x

- Raid Boss Drop Multiplier: 10x

- Big Boss Drop Multiplier: 1x

- Jewells Boss Drop Multiplier: 1x


Enchanting Rates


- Max Weapon Enchant: 12

- Max Armor Enchant: 12

- Max Jewellery Enchant: 12

- Safe Weapon Enchant: 3

- Safe Armor Enchant: 3

- Safe Jewellery Enchant: 3

- Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%

- Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%




Class Balance

Our server follows the retail model, so our classes are totally balanced game modeled after the original server, giving our players an amazing experience in your pve's and pvp's.



The economy of the game was fully developed so that all players can create their own items, making the best items have a price differential of the normal items, players of different levels can pick up their items in places that are especially designed for their experience, so that always have an equal chance to pursue their equipment.


Cancel Custon Sistem


When a player is affected by the power of a cancellation skill buffs their return automatically within 15 seconds. Making cancels worthwhile without becoming boring or apeladores.


Spawn Protection


After teleport to somewhere your character is invulnerable for any type of attack for 10 seconds or even move.



We use a system of paid Geodata PathNode and preventing attacks by walls and location of bugs.


Comunity Board

When you hit Alt + B together will open a window that has information about the server, players, castles, rankings and more into the game itself.


Drop System


System drop completely customized and unique.

- 1 Silver coin = 10 Bronze Coin;

- 1 Gold Coin = 10 Silver Coin;

- 1 Gold Cross Coin = 10 Cross Coin;

- 50% of chance drop for all itens.

- Bronze Coin: Hellbound entrace, Anciente Temple

- Silver Coin, Hellbound Baterread, Hellbound 7

- Gold Coin: Hellbound Max Level, Dragon Valey Cave


Informações Adicionais




- Time of Buffs 1 Hour;

- Time of Dances and Songs 1 Hour with the exception of "Gift of Queen, Gift of Seraphim, Blessing of Seraphim and Blessing of Queen";

- Items Grade C, B, A, S GM Shop in Giran;

- NPC Buffer in Giran and Free Teleport lvl 40;

- Automatic Skills, does not use up the most books in Gracia Final, only the Forgotten Scrolls and Divine Inspiratoins;

- Sub-class with quest or Territory War;

- Sub-Classe certification;

- Divine Transformations;

- First, second and third class may be exchanged in Master Class or in the notice to appear;

- Daily Backup On-line (No need to restart);

- Server 100% 64Bits, Hardware, OS Linux 64Bits and utilizing the best platform L2DC Server;

- Monitoring against L2Walker and others softwares of BOT;

- Vitality System 100% functional;

- Restart daily morning at 7:45 a.m.;

- Offline Shops;

- Mobs Champions;

- Hellbound 100% (Used for drops and crafter items S80 e S84);

- Algumentations System;

- Ítens {PVP}, refinements like Jewel items, Platinium, etc;

- Fame System;

- TVTs, CTFs, Last Man, Town War, Castle Sieges e Fortless Sieges and other events;

- Clan Stone Event: 3 Stones Clan throughout the world, in a PVP area and two hidden, each provides a different power for the members of the clan has.


Events Engine - Powered by Nexus-Engine


Main events

- Fully working Team vs Team, Advanced Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing events, Lucky Chests (extremely advanced version) with tens of ways to customize them;

- All Main events have following features: advanced sorting players to the teams (based on level or pvps), also it ensures the same count of healers in all teams ;

- Automatic creation of parties and advanced sorting of healers to the parties, which tries to put at least one healer to each party;

- Multiple instances engine, which allows you to separate the event into more instances, to make the event more balanced;

- All players have title which contains player's score and sometimes even his deads count;

- Advanced spawn system (classic or wawe spawning), there can also be more spawns for each team;

- Multiple maps support - the map for the event is selected randomly (I plan to include an optional voting system for the next map too in the future);

- Give rewards for First blood on the event;

- Give rewards for first X registered players in the event;

- Support for players who disconnected from server and event to get back to the event if they relogin.


Mini events

- Fully working Single players fights, Party fights, Korean Party fights and Mini TvT events, including the Event Modes engine, using whose I added following modes to the server as templates, which you can use to create your own modes:


Single players fights:

- 1v1 event (classic 1v1 fights)

- 3 players FFA event (free-for-all)

- 5 players FFA event (free-for-all)


Party fights:

- 5vs5 (register with a party of 5 people and fight another party)

- 2vs2 (you only need one friend!)

- 9vs9 (full parties)

- 2vs2vs2 (same as 2vs2, there are 3 teams fighting each other)

- 5vs5vs5 (same as 5vs5, there are 3 teams fighting each other)


Korean Party fights:

- 5vs5 (you need a party of 5 people)

- 3vs3 (grab two friends to join)

- 9vs9 (for full parties)


Mini TvT:

- 10vs10 (smaller version; you don't need any party to join, teams are created automatically)

- 20vs20 (bigger version)



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They will be 2 servers ? Hi5 50x  and GoD 500x ?


or why is at the website this:  High Five 50x | Goddes of Destruction 500x


GOD is a project we are developing.

after the launch the H5, we will launch the GOD

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