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classic Lineage ][ Ladyal x25


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- Chronic: The Chaotic Throne - Freya


- Server x25 Open on 9/11/2011

- Updates: Own the server as required.

- Based on scrips of chronic Official Freya

- Rates:

Exp: x25

Sp: x25

Drop: x15

Spoil: x15

Party: x1.3

Drop Raid: x2

Adena: x20

Grand Boss Drop: x1

Raid Boss Drop x2

Quest: x3

-Read with care .. The methodology will be the suguiente server:

-Seven Running Sing 7 Stages

Operating stages 11-Hellbound

-All Operating boss .. Zaken Instance 60 and 83 .. Freya Boss


- Up grade S is sold in shops in the cities by adena.


- The Crystals to add SA will be achieved for Voting from Dynasty .. Since the S grade will be sold x adena, The Crystals will be achieved in the Giran Luxary Shop x adena


- The Raid Boss of New Freya areas eg G.Cave .. Mos .. They will have a chance to drop parts for Crathear sets .. So we chose the x15 .. drop and spoil events will be made and the rate this Ira rotating between 15 and 20 according to the event, according to according to the vote and slogans are met.


- The Mammon may be used without being registered in seven sing, same access to necropolis and tastings. Continuing the theme Mamon was added on it to change the stones x aa, as it will be used.


- Global Teleport edited for people not to expand throughout the server .. It will have access to areas such as Monas, Lizerd, Giant ... among others .. Since these are where you will spend more time farming back the materials ..


-Sale of mana .. If MP = 250 Restoration, Sale of shots? .. To Grade S


-Npc Buffer will. This same grant: Songs, Dansas, Prophecies, or Magnus Cov .. But the buff Classic.


- Vitality .. We placed the Gift of vitality with a reuse of 6 hours and a duration of 1 hour in the same .. but was used to travez voting points .. and this buff lasts 10 minutes and may be reused every 5 hours. The Vitality Herbs are enabled


- Forgottens Scrolls:


The server has 3 events Ladyal style .. Unique. These events are TvT Classic, Hunter Death Math, and the Coliseum Event ..


All events are awards ceremony x kill 1 player .. Bone 1 kill = 1 point if tvt event and hunter will give: 1 Event Point x Kill, Case of Event Coliseum Coliseum will give 1 x Kill Point


Obviously award separate events according kill x number of people killed Bless da awards, Normal Enchant Adena among other prizes ..


Start Time: 16 Hours Argentina Duration 6 hours .. Exact .. Validation of heroes every day 15 to 1 º of the month .. No broken .. And the validation of the heroes is at 24 Pm Argentina 00 hs


Enter now and enjoy all-new Ladyal!


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