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interlude [L2OFF] Interlude Low Rates x5


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Lineage II Interlude Features (L2OFF):


Become familiar with the features of our server if you plan to play with us. We have some of the top Interlude files available on the full range of private L2 servers, with all the main features of work without problems. If there is anything you can find that does not work, please ask us report errors section in the forum.


-Exp x5.

-SP x5.

-Adena x5.

-Adena Rate 100%.

-Drop x5.

-Spoil x4.

-Party Exp y SP x1.

-Seal Stones x3.

-Fishing x3.

-Quests: Exp, Sp, Adena, Drop: x1. Items: x1.

-Manor x2.

-Pets x2,5.

-Raid Boss Drop x1.

-Safe enchant: +3 Max enchant: +16.

-Safe full armor: +4.

-Dual-Box: Permitido.

-Cambio de clase por Quest.

-No items custom.

-Interlude Client Supporting.

-Flawless Geodata ( C4 / C5 / Interlude ).

-Noblesses & Heroes System.

-Seven Signs & Castle Sieges.

-Raidbosses Farming & Epic Raidbosses.

-Catacombs / Necropolis.

-Trade Offline: put to sell your character, and put this command:. offline_shop and then skip the game.



-Cursed Weapons ( Zariche & Akamanah ).

-24 Max BuffSlots ( Divine Inspiration ) & 10 Debbuff Slots.

-Max Level 80.

-Community Server ( For organised Shops ).

-Clan System ( Clan Privilleges / Clan Halls / Clan Wars / Max Level 8 / Clan Sub-Clans / Clan Skills / Reputation ).

-All new Items ( Shadow Weapons / Clan Armors / Accessories ).

-All New Skills ( as Hero Skills, Fusion Skills ).

-Enchant Rates Retail.

-Single/Party Dueling.

-Client 3-Bar Quick Slots.

-Antibot/Client Protection ( OOG Walker / L2Phx / hlapex / L2Net ).


Server page: http://l2.crserver.com.ar/


- The server opening day 28/04/2012.

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