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[Guide] How to spot a Hacker.


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A guide to track Cheaters.


Gamers who often hack tend forget one critical point, they can be easely spotted toggling on and off. This guide will explain in detail how to use your sight and intuition to make critical decisions when banning a cheater.


In order to spot a hacker, pay attention to these ques:




Generaly most of the hacker are non steamers players with pings extending over 200+ pings.

Players with ratio's 2:1, 3:1 + and better with a ping over 150+ are without a doubt worth to watch and record.

Generally, when someone is accusing another player of hacking, it ends up being the opposite the player actually is trying to get attention away from him being watched (if its a non regular player).

Hackers mostly 80% of the time when accused of hacking toggle off their hacks. How do we spot that? well its pretty simple; usually it takes 2-3 seconds for them to turn off the hacks and can be spotted by watching them stand in one spot, pressing left or right up and down. What they are actually doing is modifying their hacks by turning its features off manually with the left,right,up and down keys.

Another critical point, always watch players pings, when hacks are on a players ping increases by 10%+ and when they toggle off it decreases and becomes steady. (good to watch when you accuse a hacker).

If a player is directly flashed and still sees everything around the map or kills trough double smoke than there is a big chance the user is hacking.

Prefire, even though some hackers may try to hide their walls by not looking directly at another player through the wall, they tend to preaim/prefire, or they will suddenly start looking at a corner because they knew someone was popping out.



By the use of amx_say or any other text commands, type in: "Warning, the system has detected a potential hacker and will be now banned" or anything in that nature. What this will do is indirectly scare off hackers and make them toggle off. They might try to download better hacks because of the fear that our servers have another anti cheat system. Play around with it, its pretty fun to watch.



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