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Exerticus' CS:S Guide: Binds


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Exerticus' CS:S Guide: Binds


Hey, Exerticus here. I have seen some Counter-Strike guides here and, while they are not bad, I feel they rely too heavily on game and system tweaks. While these are not bad to use, they can only take you so far. So, I'll be going over a few tricks that I have learned in my seasons of CEVO Main that, in my experience, have helped to make me a much better player.



Binds are a key part of Counter-Strike, they will help you to access weapons faster, buy faster, and can even make bunnyhopping easier and more convenient without having to script. Yes, there are binds in the Keyboard section of the options menu, but those are merely for the core elements of gameplay. They do not include quick switches or buy keys.


Probably the most important binds I have are quick switches. They enable me to quickly take out weapons and not have to wait for my mousewheel to scroll through my inventory. Another trick is that they allow you to switch to your weapon much faster after throwing a grenade to help reduce the time in which you are vulnerable after throwing a grenade.


If you do not know how to bind a key to a command, it is very simple. All you do is type, bind "key" "command", and hit enter. For instance:


bind "h" "buy weapon_hegrenade"


Just remember that it is important to place quotations around the command, otherwise it will only read the command as the first word, which can make the bind not work. A quick clarification, with all of the examples I am going to show you, they must be entered in the in-game console, your config.cfg, or autoexec.cfg files in order to work.


Quick Switches

Now, I use the arrow keys and so the bind examples might be a bit strange, but you can easily change them to fit your own setup. I have a bind for every weapon stationed around the arrow keys so that I never have to stop moving in order to switch. A few examples of my quick switches are as follows:


bind "del" "slot1" - This allows me to switch to my primary weapon, no matter what weapon it is. There is no need to make a bind to switch to an M4/AK or MP5, all that does is waste space.


bind "pgup" "slot2" - The same as the one above, but it will always switch to your pistol.


bind "home" "use weapon_c4" - This is a very usefull one that most people do not think about. How many times have you been stuck in the bombsite, lost in your inventory trying to find the C4? Now that you have it bound, you can have it out quickly each and every time you want to plant.


bind "end" "use weapon_flashbang" - This bind is also another very usefull one that allows you to switch instantly to a flashbang, which is important for counter-flashing while you are blind. Rather than guessing what you have out by using the mousewheel, you will know you have your flashbang out even if you are blind.


Combining quick-switches is also important. I mentioned earlier that you can use them to reduce the vulnerability time after throwing a grenade, and you can.


You can do this by binding a key to slot1 and the moment after throwing a grenade, press the key you have bound to slot1 and you will pull your primary weapon out instantly after throwing it rather than waiting for the throwing animation to finish. So if you have 'q' bound to 'slot1' then right after you see the grenade in the air, press 'q'. You will have to practice with this a little bit, though, otherwise you could end up switching to your primary before throwing the grenade, which will make you look stupid and can get you killed aswell.


Buy Binds

Buy binds are not as important in league play as they are in pubs due to how freezetime tends to be much shorter in pubs than with popular lo3 configs. But, they are convenient sometimes and can help clear up time to listen to strats or to get a quick start in pubs with zero-second freeztimes.


Making a buy bind is much like making a quick-switch, but can be a bit more complex for additional function. The way that you set up a buy bind is like so:


bind "key" "buy weapon_weapon"


So, using the example from the beginning of the guide, if I want to bind 'h' to buy a frag grenade, I would type:


bind "h" "buy weapon_hegrenade"


The names of the weapons are generally easy to figure out, but for your convenience, I've put together a list of all the weapon names. Please note that there are a few items in which you do not need to type 'weapon_' before the item. These names are also used for quick-switches:


HE Grenade: weapon_hegrenade

Flashbang: weapon_flashbang

Smoke Grenade: weapon_smokegrenade

Glock: weapon_glock

P228: weapon_p228

Desert Eagle: weapon_deagle

Fiveseven: weapon_fiveseven

Berettas: weapon_elite

M3: weapon_m3

XM1014: weapon_xm1014

TMP: weapon_tmp

Mac-10: weapon_mac10

UMP: weapon_ump45

MP5: weapon_mp5navy

P90: weapon_p90

Galil: weapon_galil

AK-47: weapon_ak47

M4A1: weapon_m4a1

Aug: weapon_aug

SG552: weapon_sg552

M249: weapon_m249

Scout: weapon_scout

AWP: weapon_awp

SG550: weapon_sg550

G3SG1: weapon_G3SG1

Knife: weapon_knife

Kevlar Vest: vest

Vest and Helmet: vesthelm

Defuse Kit: eq_defuser

Bomb: weapon_c4


Now that we have the weapon names, let's move on to another part of buy scripts, multi-buying. This is when you bind one key to buy multiple items. I usually have these set to the function keys, so I will use those in my examples. So, let's say you want to bind your 'F1' key to buy an M4 or an AK as well as a defuse kit. You would type:


bind "F1" "buy weapon_m4a1; buy weapon_ak47; buy eq_defuser"


Notice how I separate each command with a semi-colon. This will tell the game that you are ending one command and starting another.


I prefer to set all of my primary weapon keys to buy a defuse kit as well, this will keep you from forgetting to buy one.


Alias Binds

This is probably about as complex as you will get with binds. Don't worry, though, it is very easy. In my examples of why you should create binds, I included the reason that they can make bunnhopping more convenient without having to script. They can, and I'll show you how.


If you are like me, even though you have quick-switches bound all over the place, you still might like to use your mousewheel to scroll through your inventory every once in a while, be it for comfort reasons in switching to your pistol, maybe you are still transitioning over to using quick-switches, or maybe you just don't care about what I said about them.


Despite this, you want to learn, or want to be able, to bunnyhop efficiently without the use of a script. Most people will tell you that you can really only legitimatly bunnyhop well by binding your mousewheel to jump and really, that is for the most part true. But, if you don't want to give up your ability to scroll through your inventory with the mousewheel, what can you do? The most flexible solution that I have found, is to make a bind that allows you to switch the mouswheel's function quickly from jumping to weapon scrolling. How do you do this? By using a function called an alias.


An alias is essentially, you creating a command name for a list of combined commands. You form an alias like so:


alias "name" "command1; command2; command3; etc."


In our current situation, we would need to form two aliases. One that would bind the mousewheel to jump and a second to bind it to inventory scrolling. Let's start by making the inventory scrolling alias. I'll call it 'gun'.


alias "gun" "bind mwheelup invprev; bind mwheeldown invnext"


Easy, right? Now, we'll make the one that binds the mousewheel to jump. I'll call it 'bhop'.


alias "bhop" "bind mwheeldown +jump; bind mwheelup gun"


This has made rolling the mouswheel downwards cause our character to jump in-game. This is very useful for bunnyhopping because it greatly increases the a-beep-t of times you hit the jump key, increasing the chance that you will jump at the right time and bounce as opposed to trying to hit a key once at that exact moment.


But, notice how I bound mousewheel up to our first alias. This will make it so that if you scroll the mouswheel up, you will instantly bind it back to inventory scrolling. So, if you have your pistol out and are bunnyhopping and somebody suddenly comes around a corner, assuming you do not have your quick-switches memorized yet, all you do is scroll upwards twice and your primary weapon will be drawn.


Don't forget to bind your new alias to a key, however. You do this just like you do for any other bind. Let's say we want to bind our bunnyhop alias to the page down key:


bind "pgdn" "bhop"


That is all I have for binding. I hope that this information has been helpful to you and that it will help improve your in-game scores. There will be more guides of mine to come, so keep an eye out for them. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the comments section below or PM them. I'll be more than happy to explain things further to you and comments/thanks/reputation.png are always welcome.



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