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[L2-OFF] l2GraciaEpilogue


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A New L2OFF Server with features from Gracia Epilogue and some adjustment is coming.


The Rates

• x50 Experience and SP.

• x50 adena with 100% chance.

• x4 Mats A-beep-t x12 general chance.

• x15 SealStones.

• x5 Knight Epaulletes.

• x12 Spoil Chance x4 Mats A-beep-ts.

• x15 Quest rewards, but some quest have been adjusted to give 5 QI instead 1.

• Epilogue Zones and Quests.

• Epilogue Skill enchant routes and critical chances.

• Epilogue Items.

• Epilogue Instances


The Features


Skills Updates


Some skills changes have been maded in order to fix some unbalances errors done by NcSoft, we all know them.

• SoulHound Steal Divinity Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 30 seconds.

• Doombringer Rush Impact Base landrate decreased from 60% to 40%.

• Bishop Restore Life Now it can not be casted on enemy target.

• The Bow/Crossbow Resistance from bow resistance skills have been dramatically decreased (like on Hi5):

-Song of Wind Storm: Arrow Resistance and Crossbow Resistance changed to 10 and 5 respectively.

-Dance of Blade Storm: Arrow Resistance and Crossbow Resistance changed to 45 and 25 respectively.

-Soul Barrier: Arrow Resistance and Crossbow Resistance changed to 10 and 6 respectively.

-Harmony of Noblesse: Arrow Resistance and Crossbow Resistance changed to 10 and 6 respectively.

-Symphony of Noblesse: Arrow Resistance and Crossbow Resistance changed to 10 and 6 respectively.

• Scavenger/Bounty Hunter can learn now: Deadly Blow,Backstab,Dagger mastery and dual dagger mastery.



Skills Transfer


Skill transfer is designed to expand the usefulness of healers in party situations.


• This system allows the dedicated healer classes (Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint) to acquire skills from the other two healer classes. For example: Skill Transfer would allow a Cardinal to learn the skill Party Recall. Or it would allow a Shillien Saint to learn the skill Mass Resurrection.

• Skill Transfer can be learned through the usual class trainer NPC's (priest, high priest, magister, etc.). One Holy Pomander is required to learn each skill. Holy Pomander is now received as a 3rd class change quest reward.

• Some skills acquired through Skill Transfer can be enchanted.

• Subclassed healers can also take advantage of Skill Transfer as long as they meet the requirements.

Cardinal 1 Holy Pomander

Eva Saint 1 Holy Pomander

Shilen Saint 4 Holy Pomander


Npc Changes


Zaken Raid Changes


Zaken is now instanced, Day and Night Zaken are working.



Other Npcs Changes


• Fortress Siege NPCs are now level 76.



Changes into Attribute Manager


You can now exchange elemental attribute stones for elemental attribute crystals through the Attribute Master NPC:

• By exchanging 5 stones of the same attribute and 3,000,000 Adena, you can receive 1 Crystal of the same attribute


Shops Changes


Shop in towns with Items until A-Grade, Miscellaneus, shoulshots and some epics QI.

SA Crystal until 12 Stage have been added into Groceries from Luxury.


New Items


• The Holy Pomander items have been added..


Changes on Existing Items


• The weight of Spirit Ore has been reduced to 0.

• Now you can purchase soulshots and blessed spiritshots D and C grade from Grocery Shops.

• Giant's Codex is a stackable item now.


Quest Changes


Several Quest has been changed to increase their drop a-beep-t. This is the list:

• Alliance with Ketra Orcs- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• Alliance with Varka Silenos- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• War with Ketra Orcs- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• War with Varka Silenos- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• The Finest Ingredient- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• Relics of the Old Empire- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• Gather into the Flames- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• Third Class Change Quests- Increased a-beep-t of Hallisha Marks from 1 to 5.

• Supplier of Reagents- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.

• Legacy of Insolence- Item a-beep-t increased from 1 to 5.



Olympiads Changes


•Hero Weapons have been enhanced:

Basic stats, such as P. Atk. and M. Atk. have increased.

PvP extra damage is increased.

A very strong holy attack power has been added on all Hero weapons.


• The cost for Giant's Codex is now 550 Olympiad tokens (was 5,500 Olympiad tokens).

• The a-beep-t of Fame points required to buy Forgotten Scrolls has been reduced to 52,000 Olympiad tokens + 1,950 Fame points + 12,000,000 Adena (was 52,000 Olympiad tokens + 26,000 Fame points + 12,000,000 Adena).




Sieges and Territory Wars


• Sieges take place every 2 weeks on Sunday.

• You can now purchase all the kind of Giant Codex from Territory Managers with badges.




• Buffers in towns with basic buffs to lvl up.

• Free First, Second and Third Class changes.

• Noblesse and Subquest retail like, but the respawn of the bosses have been critically lowered.







*Sorry for the double post but now there is more complete information about the server.


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    • VALORANT FULL ACCESS ACCOUNTS EU/NA/AP/BR/KR/LATAM READY FOR RANKED 4.00 € Iron 3.50 € Bronze 4.10 € Silver 5.40 € Gold 6.50 € Platinum 15.00 € Diamond 30.00 € Immortal 40.00 € https://discord.gg/dFagHUFxU7
    • Life does not give/share valuable things to anyone for free, remember that
    • Acis is emulating retail gameplay, in which there were no voiced commands. You can implement this on your own.
    • i know acis 🙂 even its devs are refusing the problems the pack itself has and im not giving any fix list in order them/you to fix, im abusing them in the servers that im playing. what im generally saying is; even those classes are op in l2off, how come u fix those issues by the pack itself? it doesnt matter how updated the pack is, im actively playing the servers that been opening with most recent files. anyway, i dont have to test anything on the server, just log-in any l2off server and try surrender, vortex and hydro blast/prominence/hurricane to any npc and then test the same thing on acis to see urself. or easiest way; log l2off, get a cardinal, greater battle heal to urself and then test the same thing on acis
    • Our pack is based on - latest - acis rev with our own updates. What you're describing is old, garbage outdated acis revs that were indeed as bad as you're describing. Our formulas are 100% retail and yes, that means the classes you mentioned are strong, but at the same time you're forgetting that the same goes for all classes. Welcome to Interlude where all classes are very strong unlike H5 where all classes couldn't solo kill anyone in mass pvp unless the target was massively cancelled.   Skill spam is based on skill re-use formulas and atk speed which are also retail on our files. Also skill cooltime which is something only people who bother with skilldata are aware of. The files you're talking about are extremely outdated.   You completely forgot about mages and their retail MC rate and multiplier on Interlude which was indeed the most broken class on the client. You could google L2 Teon interlude forum archives and people talking about that sph "progamer" (from ITT side) who once obtained valakas + passive wild magic he was nearly 100% mcriting (x4) and solo-ing parties by himself with a single support behind him. I'm pretty sure if you youtube search "progamer l2" or "progamer lineage" you will find a few ridiculous videos of him.   Ah forgot to mention that the OBT is live and available for you to run your own tests. If you test something and think it's not retail like, THEN you can come to me and report it. Right now you're assuming based on information from 5 years ago.     His post would make sense back in 2016-17 probably
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