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We are waiting all the players that would like a more "retail" experience to join our brand new server !! Custom changes include: automatic class changes, auto learn skills,auto loot feature and extended buffs time. Server is brand new and has full h5 geodata, every raid boss working perfectly and all H5 features are implemented. GMs extremely helpfull for every player problem, and a great community ! Join for the ultimate "retail-like" experience ! !



==== RATES ====

*XP: x15

*SP: x15

*Party xp:x1.8

*Drop: x8

*Spoil: x8

*Adena: x20

*Quest Drop: x5

*Quest Reward: x5

*Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x5

*Quest Adena Reward: x5

*Raid Boss drop: x3

*Grand Boss drop: x1

*Manor: x5

*Rate Extract Fish: x5

*Vitality: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2

*Vitality Gain/Lost = 3/1



*Enchant Chance = 55 %

*Blessed Enchant rate = 66 %

*Enchant Chance Element Stone = 50%

*Enchant Chance Element Crystal = 30%

*Enchant Chance Element Jewel = 20%

*Enchant Chance Element Energy = 10%

*Enchant Safe Max = 3

*Enchant Safe Max Full Body= 4

*Enchant Max = 16



*Retail Olympiad running for 6 hours from 6PM GMT+0


to 12AM GMT+0. New heroes are selected Every Month


(Implemented High Five Arena's)

*Fully operational castle and fortress sieges.

*Auto Learn skills.

*Auto Events: -> Hide And Seek,  Last Hero, Squash


Event, TVT

*Passive Events: Master Yogi Enchanting, Heavy


Medal, Character Birthday,Freya Celebration, Gift


Of Vitality, Saving Santa,

The Valentine, Handy's Block Checker, Elpies, Race,



*Seven Signs 7 Quests Fixed and retail

*PC Bang points system

*Events managed by the GMs

*Sub-classes are with quest

*Max 3 subclasses

*Subclasses lvl 80

*Subclass Certification

*Max clans in an alliance is 3

*Max buffs: Normal - 25 / Dance - 15 / Trigger - 12

*Buffs Time: Normal Buffs 40 min / Improved 80 min


/ Dance,Songs 10 min

*Skills 99% Working

*Updates Weekly

*Full Geodata

*Offline Shop

*Item Auction

*All talismans work

*Auto Loot

*Accounts Auto create (you can change your password



*Active GM Team


==== Working Instances ====

*Chamber of Delusion

*Seed of Destruction

*Seed of Infinity

*Kamaloka instaces

*Pailaka instances

*Crystal Caverns

*Tower of Naia

*Steel Citadel

*Tully's Workshop

*Hellbound Town

*Dark Cloud Mansion



==== QUESTS ====

*SevenSigns 7 Quests Fixed and retail

*Olympiad Quests Working

*All Quests have been reworked and working retail


==== Working Bosses + Instanced Bosses ====


*Freya easy and hard.


*All Normal and Grand Bosses Working retail


==== Working features ====

*All High Five zones are working

*All High Five quests are working

*All High Five features are working

*Territorial Wars

*Siegable Clanhalls

*Seed of Infinity

*Seed of Destruction




==== CUSTOMS ====

*Vote System

*Freya Boss

*PC Bang

*PvP color

*Clan Leader Color

*Announce Castle Lords

*Champion Enable Aura

*Sp Exp Command

*Bot Report



*Dedicated Server France

*24GB Ram

*Ubuntu Linux 10.04 x64

*1 GBit Down/Up

*Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz

*2 x 2 TB Hard disc 7.200 RPM

*Uptime 99.9%

*Unlimited Traffic p/m


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Guys I Started Play There And Seriously Server Rocks

Server Yesterday Opened And It Has 150 People Online And Still Growing Those 150 People Came Without Hopzone Votes Or Topzone Cause They Wait For Aprove This Server...Pm SuperD If You Join

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