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Serwer L2 DANCE x5 x15 x3000


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Start Server  10-14.02.2012 hour 6:00 PM 


WEBSITE: www.l2dance.boo.pl

FORUM: http://l2dance.myforum.pl/

PATCH  https://rapidshare.com/files/3882221803/system.rar



Informację ogólne:

Serwer bez donate!


Sieghart x3000(FREYA)






    Safe Enchant:6 Max Enchant:16

    Npc Buffer, 4hours Buffs, GlobalGatekeeper Events: Tvt Dm


Einhovant x15(GOD)


    Rates: -> XP: x15

    -> SP: x15

    -> Drop: x15

    -> Spoil: x15

    -> Adena: x25 (Adena rate is much higher when you are lower level.)

    -> Quest Drop: x7

    -> Quest Reward: x5

    -> Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x10

    -> Quest Adena Reward: x15

    -> Raid Boss drop: x3

    -> Grand Boss drop: x3

    -> Manor: x2

    -> Rate Extract Fish: x8

    -> Vitality: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2

    -> Vitality Gain/Lost = 3/1


    <=> Full NPC Buffer:

    -> Max buffs: Normal - 50; Dance - 24; Trigger - 12;

    -> All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats! (No Kamael)

    -> Includes a scheme buffer where you can manage your own buff sets.

    -> All buffs are free.

    <=> GM Shop: -> Up to A Weapons, armors, Jewels

    -> Shots, Potions, Consumables

    -> Quest items for Clan level 3, 4, 5, ingredients for noblesse (expensive) & others.

    -> Pets, Event reward items & more...

    <=> Global GK:

    -> With My Teleport Spellbook/Flag

    <=> Mammons:

    -> Custom Mammons which allow you to use every function that normal Mammons have.

    <=> Class Master:

    -> 1st class transfer - Cost: 100,000 Adena.

    -> 2nd class transfer - Cost: 1,000,000 Adena.

    -> 3rd class transfer - Cost: 10,000,000 Adena & 5,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant's Codex.

    <=> Server Events & Games Information:

    -> Auto Events: TvT, CTF, Domination, Double Domination, Last Man Standing & more.

    -> Passive Events: Master Yogi Enchanting, Mantras[Fire,Water,Wind], Event Medals & more.

    -> PC Bang points system.

    -> Events managed by the GMs.

    -> Poker Manager that allows you to play poker vs. other players for ingame currencies.

    <=> Working Instances:

    -> Chamber of Delusion

    -> Seed of Destruction

    -> Seed of Infinity

    -> Kamaloka instaces

    -> Pailaka instances

    -> Crystal Caverns

    -> Tower of Naia

    -> Steel Citadel

    -> Tully's Workshop

    -> Hellbound Town

    -> Dark Cloud Mansion

    -> Fortress/Castle

    <=> Working Instanced Bosses:

    -> Zaken easy and hard.

    -> Freya easy and hard.

    -> Frintezza.

    <=> Working features:

    -> All High Five zones are working.

    -> All High Five quests are working including Seven Signs series.

    -> Many High Five features are working.

    -> Resist formulas are retail-like (not like the other ordinary servers)

    -> Territorial Wars

    -> Siegable Clanhalls

    -> Seed of Infinity

    -> Seed of Destruction

    -> Seed of Anihilation

    <=> More Information:

    -> S80 & S84 Grade items' recipes and parts drop rate lowered, but still reasonable for the server's rates. We like it oldschool, where you dont have to farm 1-2 days with your A-Grade gear for Vesper set. -> Max element on weapons is Lv. 9, on armors is Lv. 7. This is done to get back the elemental system's importance in the game.

    -> Sub-classes are without quest. Max 3 subclasses are allowed. Max level for a subclass is 85.

    -> Clan war rewards increased.

    -> All talismans work

    -> All skills are auto-learned. Including the ones from the forgotten scrolls.

Shunaiman x5(GRACIA)



    • Exp/SP/Adena/Spoil x5

    • Party XP/SP x1.8

    • Quest Drop Chance x3

    • Quest Adena/Sp/XP reward x2

    • RaidBoss Drop x1

    • Herb Drop x2


    • Safe +3

    • Max +20

    • Chance 66%


    • CH/castle/Fortress

    • Manor/Fishing

    • Improved pet

    • PartyMatching

    • Vitality system

    • Kamaloka

    • Skille 80+

    • Enchant skill atribute

    • cert skils

    • buff/dance/song – retail

    • quest proff/subclass/nobless

    • No Dualbox


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No com no server, no lt no trusted, 1 post means joke, server will be crashed full, no il no good, server pl home edition.



---------------------- JUST SUX -------------------------

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No com no server, no lt no trusted, 1 post means joke, server will be crashed full, no il no good, server pl home edition.



---------------------- JUST SUX -------------------------



Serwer website rename to l2dance.com  for 1 week

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