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[Share] Guide by me how to install gta san andreas modS

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Hello i want to share with you some nice modS for gta san andreas

and to explain you how to install them ! ;p


First download San andreas Mod installer:(Freeware)



Ok now choose a mod..!

For example:

I want this bike





OKz now if you have the game you are ready to install the mod!


First install the mod installer that you download firstly..! :P






Finish ! :)


Now lets install the bike that we download before ;p


Run the program...

Press "install a mod"


Now at mod location press "browse" to find the location of the zip folder with the mod.. thing

Make sure that you have check the box for backup fileS ! ;)



Now... finnaly you are ready to install the mod =D


Press continue...!


Now choose a name for your new mod and replace an old one bike with the new one! :)


Mod succesfull installed!!! :)

Now lets go in game to see our new mod! ;p


And yes... it is working fine!




Go and buy san andreas fast !   xD


Ok now i will give you some links to find these modS so you can choose alone and make

your own gta san andreas world! ;)


http://www.gtainside.com (The best one)



Guide made by me!

Enjoy ppl!




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K4rMa it is one of my favourite guides!! Man you are the best! +1 karma from me!


Thanks xxrxx for the karma point ;O


Btw i maked this guide because the last days i play a lot gta and i hope

you play too...!


Feel free to ask any question! ;p and report any problem...

More guides are coming to this topic ;)

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