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[CS&CSS][Share] Hack packs

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Hack Pack v2 [25 hacks]



Attention : All credits go to the game-hackz team which include from now on me!


password :www.game-hackz.com

downloading link: Click Here



The Pack include:



Low Level Access Hack

Basic v1.6

Four Season Hack beta

HoH Nspire

HoHhook v4


OGC FX v3.2

Simple Memory Hack

Sound_ESP Release







Umbrella V10[1].7

Unreal v4.1

Unreal v5

Unreal v4

Unreal v5.5

Unreal v5.7






Hack Pack

download: Click Here





!xSpeedPro v1.4


AbsoHack v8.7.13

AbsoHack v8.716

AequiHack V.1.5



b0ns4i v3


Basic Hack v1.0

bi0la Public Edition F

cd hack

Redux v2.0.1

CS SUX Beta 4

cs blooddark v2

CS Project VDC - Catalyst v1.24

DDCC Hook v. 3.0.1


ECC v3

ECC v5.2

Ecstatic Cheat Resurrection

FourSeason Hack v0.2 Alpha

FourSeasons Hack v0.4 Beta


Gissel Cs 1.6 Script Pack 1.0

GLCmdHack v1.07

Hash Hack v2.1

Hash Hack v3

HEADZOTS Public 2.0

HEADZOTS v2.3 Public Edition

HEADZOTS v2.4 Public Edition


Hypnotick Hook 2.0.0

Hypnotick Hook v0.5

Hypnotick Hook v2.4.2

Hypnotick Hook v1.0

Mulihack Fibo D3D HooK

Mystery Machine

NameChanger v2000

nOtak.mini fix1


OGX Reborn v1.4.1

OGZ Remake v1.7

PixelBot v1.4

Private v1

Project Mayhem Cheat 1.01

Project VDC - Catalyst v1.24

s7eal7h 1.0

seren1ty Aimbot r15

SimpleHack v1.1

SSW v2.6

SSW v3.9

Super Simple ESP v3.4

Take no Prisoners v2.0

Umbrella v1.6

Unreal Private hook

VDC Redux v2.01 Beta

VDC Redux v2.08 Beta

Explotion spr

W4r Hook v9


password : www.game-hackz.com


Credits to game-hacks.team, tC team & Dark Cheats Edition's

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+1 Karma from me,not only for the share,but for your activity on counterstrike(and not only) forums and all the shares you've done... ;)


Keep up the good work !

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Topic updated, Hack Pack v3 removed since the dead link and since i have formatted my pc countless times already i have totally lost the backups of it , i will try to make a new pack within the end of the month.



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the hacks have since been put up on here by another user in [Hacks]Working Cheats for Cs 1,6 and source New  in Counter Strike Exploits & Hacks  by peora i believe his name is and the full readme's where posted as well

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You can always edit readme's , i have posted gathered hacks in here. Credits are into readme's and i guarantee that i did NOT correct any of them as i am part of some projects but not in every1 so...


If you have the time can you also post what most of the best things included in the hacks do,

and/or how to use them!




Well actually not only credits, but there are features of the hacks included in every single read me so make sure you check them before asking.

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