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EN GamingGear Topic . (+many more)

What's your favourite gaming company ?  

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  1. 1. What's your favourite gaming company ?

    • SteelSeries?
    • Razer?
    • Roccat?
    • A4tech?
    • Thermaltake?
    • Cyborg?
    • Logitech?
    • Corsair?
    • Trust?
    • E-Blue?
    • Delux?
    • Mionix?

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Hey! If advising some good gaming gear is a plus to become a co-admin, I'll start right away. *le sarcasm*


It's coi-admin . (it's a joke between the staffers)

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Im about to get steelseries sensei mouse and razer blackwidow keyboard instead of steelseries g6v2 cuz I need the lightings on the the buttons.. bout head phones im thinking of something minimal. Any suggestions? Btw any suggestions around 1k € budget for a gaming desktop?

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Hey guys, thanks for the topic. I'm looking for an advice and maybe someone can give me the best tip.


Which one would you consider the best mouse to play l2 in order to use F keys bound to mouse buttons?


Some tips would be appreciated 🙂

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this topic is old, but as @TuCafeasked, what is up to date these days?


back in the old times, Steel Series was the sh1t, now i've seen a lot of unknown brands, for me.


Can you please show us your setup in 2021?

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