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[Share]Lineage II Goddess of Destruction - L2 RusDev Team

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Hello guys.I saw many people having trouble with Goddess of Destruction client AND server, so I'm here to give you some info and instruction about how to get over your problems!

! = Important

# = Link or Useful information

- = Note





!SVN: http://xp-dev.com/svn/RusDev/trunk/

Timeline:Couldn't find their timeline sorry.


RusDev developers gave us a clue about what is coming and it's called Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction project based on L2j server.

PS:I'm not giving any info about server fixes, but I will tell you some features I tested and work fine.




#Gear till Freya client.

#The server has some custom mods (java codes) download and check them out.

#Community Server working.

#Mail system working.

#Skills till Hi5 working not completely but fairly good, I'd say 60-70% rate, maybe less, just saying :)

#Quests work 1% lol, I couldn't even complete the class transfer.

...and others...


-Not Working:


#R95 and R99 armors and weapons.

#Awakening Classes (4th class transfer)

#Some bosses missing

#Some mobs missing

#Most of instances (I'd say all but I haven't tested them yet)

#Some admin commands in the Admin Panel (still in Korean language lol)


!Here is rev. 49 shared from L2Orc in Maxcheaters:


#And his topic here: http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=213607.0


!Here is rev. 52 I compiled and share it with you:


#Password for rev. 52 if it asks for one:maxcheaters


#Plus a gift from me to you, shared from CriticalError, a buffer:http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=222749.0


#L2 Goddess of Destruction ENGLISH client:http://www.4shared.com/file/p_u78EcK/Goddess_of_Destruction_PTS_Eng.html


-Download the torrent file and open it with a torrent software.(ex. Bittorrent,uTorrent,Azureus etc.)


-The system inside the client folder is english and it uses ServerAddr: (LAN play)


PS:Don't dare to update the f%#$ing client,If you are not from Korea :D


!Please stop raging-flaming-crying about my topic excistance, I don't want kids on my topic.Download and test if you want more info!!!

!I don't expect reputation for this so don't post shit here.


Rate,Comment and Subscribe!!! (oh wait wrong website... =O)

!Oh almost forgot(something for you for the download waiting time hahaha <3):

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This project must be dead its being rev 52 for the last 2 months,nothing,as you said,works

I think there is no other project for GoD client so, dead or alive is useful for some people.

If someone knows L2Millenium admin, he can ask his source and share it with us,BUT until then all we have is RusDev :/

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God_PTS english full?or only the system flod?

Basically the systemmsg is translated to english language..Not full ofc there are some dialogs which are in korean but most of the dialogs are in english :)


Oh lol epic one :P didn't notice

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With retail Lineage II going free to play with GoD release it is going to hit private servers hard, thanks to Innova taking over the entire system. :)

Make a post about it so people see what's going on with GoD...Because talking for myself it's boring to just surfing nc soft's website :/

Thank you,topic locked and unlocked if new updates occur...

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