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[EXPLOIT-CLIENT SIDE]Instant loading time

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Hello today im gona show you how to edit your system in order to make Lineage 2 use more RAM and load faster !





You have to edit l2.ini cachesizemegs with your value (depends on ram)

NOTE: If you put a bigger value and you dont have the ram, it wont start.

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That's good if you have like 8GB ram, but not many people do. Anyway, I doubt that it loads instanly with this... it's not just up to ram, depends on your graphics card(when u entering the world mostly), hard drive, CPU....

Anyway not bad.

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Offtopic : It's a client mod

Ontopic : Gonna test it if it works i'll give you karma

Ofc it works mate, just make sure you have enaugh RAM (random acces memory ) :P




EDIT: On servers with LG (Lame Guard) you have to ask your ADMIN for this modification.

You cannot do this on l2.ini because, L2.ini it's not working on server's with lameguard.

L2.ini it's compiled(hidden) somewhere else in your system.


Have Fun on Mass pvp's with 0 client freaze !

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Dont copy/paste my post without credits. Thanks



Note: This is an Unreal Optimization, you allocate more RAM to l2.


EDIT:This is self descovery :)

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If u have 4GB of memory and change this option to 1024 ~1GB then every client reserve 1GB of memory - it should reserve.

You can change other parameters to make your playing more comfortable but less attractive:

parameters from ClippingRange section (like terrain, pawns etc.), from WinDrv.WindowsClient section (all Textures parameters starting from TextureDetailInterface - u can change only between low, high etc.) ..you can change more and more parameters from l2.ini to make your playing more comfortable on lower machines/sieges etc.

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