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[New Bot] Rubot [Eu,na,ru,private 2.7-4.x.x.x]


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Rubot - hyped like hell. My Girlfriend just strated playing aion - again. The problem is: she has a very costly ingame character and wants to buy the ultimate armor and weapons. I'm not a fan of the game, but i would never buy kinah. Only chance: a farmbot. The best bot i knew was "Nyerkbot" but it's discontinued. :( - so i looked in the internet for aion bots and found rubot - very expensive but with many good feedback. I thought "lets test it, when so many ppl are telling you how good it is"


This informations are after 20 days of usage with a chanter. I have to say that this bot is really a piece of crap (without all the ghost writing and paid positive feedbacks it would be impossible, that someone would buy this thing)



1: the bot uses many "bad" detectable behaviours. EASY TO DETECT BEHAVIOURS. For ex: Memory Writing. Its always writing the used skill to the game on slot 1. So for the client you're always pushing the 1 button - for everything.


2: if you dont follow a route and there is no mob around anymore the bot will stop working (even after respawn) - except something is attacking you (will defense)


3: if you follow a route the bot will stick to this route - it will stick so extremly to it that it's not even calculating, that another waypoint is closer than the last one (even when he is ON the other waypoint), will run back to that waypoint and continue. everyone who looks at you ingame knows: "thats a bot"


4: the bot has no options for buffs. he doesn't recognize when someone debuffs you. you can only add them as "healing" with a high cooldown. It works... but very bad (even buffs while in fight, stops attacking the added mob because of buffing and dies)


5: you need some special keys - which many new notebooks don't have. as a mac user you're completly doomed. you are UNABLE to configure the bot w/o an external keyboard!


6: Selecting something to harvest will use /select NAME commands or buttons. This is not the problem, if the bot would have at least a minimum of intelligence. Even when the resource has been farmed 3 times the bot still ties to collect it. 4 times! after the 5th time the bot is sending chinese charakters to the gameserver! every noob admin knows that you're botting! If you're using macros -> you'll have to add a macro for every resource in your main bar (cant use ALT+Commands for Collect Macros) and it will spam the macro as hell.


7: the bot detects that your inventory is full, but still tries to gather materials. everytime. sometimes the bot hangs up.


8: did we talk about the translation? no? if your inventory is full and you want to get informed, a russian voice is spamming something the whole time. The translation of the bot itself is a shame. you dont even have a clue what this func is doing until you're looking in the internet or contact the support. you even have to reguess funcs - even when you think you know what this func does : nope you dont know. it can be the complete opposite. For ex: "do not choose the other mobs" in the select mobs configuration"=> it's meaning "dont killsteal" - but doesnt work


9: as described: killstealing: its always stealing. everytime. impossible to configure it not to steal. other players can pull a higher mob to you and you'll attack it and die - for sure.


10: if you get too far away from your route you're doomed. even when configured to teleport after stuck - it will not teleport. even if the waypoint is in plain sight - the bot is recognizing it's stuck, runs in the complete opposite direction, adds everything and you're dead.


11: if you dont plan your skills perfectly (like adding a cooldown on a GK skill or be sure, that you have the GK you need) the bot hangs up or lags like hell. To be more specific - you dont know how much GK you have (no configuration option) so adding GK skills is never working!


12 : the bot doesn't detect upgraded skills. (except for the skilllist) whenever you get an upgraded skill you'll have to redo EVERY rule of it


13: you have no chance to configure the skills with more that a few standard values like HP. If you need to check, if something added -> you're doomed. Same for: GK, enemy is casting, enemy is doing anything, enemy is pvp - so no chance to configure the bot for a caster-class.


14: if you're in a pvp area you have no chance. in some cases my bot started to regenerate (sitting down) after attacked by another player. free AP for the other side.


15: when you'r falling down or get stuck - the bot doesn't even think of using something like "jumping" - it's stuck. remember the times when you were playing counter-strike and the hostages were not following you because there was a small stone in their way? now we know the reason. If there is a fence in your area you'll get stucked 100%


16: the authservers of the bot (!) were down for over 15% (3 days of 20 days) of the time! you were unable to use it. no compensation - even after asking twice.


17: doesn't really work in background. it will regain focus in a lot of time - which wouldn't be such a big problem - if it wouldnt accidently get some commands like "running in another direction and get stuck". True background mode only available in VMWare.


18: adds. The bot doesn't detect them - as described. To be more specific: if you get an add, the bot will continue to attack your first target. after it killed the first mob it's going thu the whole ruleset - like looting, rebuffing, healing, regging (!) before attacking the second mob. If you're playing a caster class and cant mezz (stun or root or whatever) the added mob it's a 100% death. It's the first paid bot i know without an add detection.





this bot is crap! really crap! just to make money. you can only bot with a healer class - and you'll still die too often. other bots get you to lvl 55 without even one death. you'll get busted for 100% - because every admin can identify your bot even after years by looking in the logs or simply searching for chinese text.


kintaroo must be writing with ghost accounts to push his sales - i dont think that anyone would give this crappy thing a positive post. btw dont forget that kintaroo (rubot-aion.com) is just a reseller - the bot cost 3-4$ / month, kintaroo is selling it for 10eur - so no wonder he is putting so much effort in advertising.



When does it work :

using a healing class (every other class will die all the time!)

AND botting in a non-pvp area

AND botting in a wide - non stuckable plain area

AND botting where no adds can occur

AND on a server where no admin will look on you.

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Sorry for late answer , yea it is supported by now , we always update as fast as possible. If it takes longer than expected we will give free days as compensation.



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Sorry for late answer , yea it is supported by now , we always update as fast as possible. If it takes longer than expected we will give free days as compensation.



After I readed your topic , you look like a nice guy:) good luck.
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