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[L2J]L2Zen.com - 500x 500x 500x|Auto Events|Tattoos|Bracelets|Dedicated No Lag


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Homepage: http://L2Zen.com


How To Connect: http://l2zen.com/connect.html


Freya 500x 500x 500x


Custom Bracelets

Custom Self buffs

Custom Passive skills




Event's are held every hour.


Monster Rush

Capture the Flag


Team Vs. Team (TvT) - Two teams battle for victory. The team with the most kills after 10 minutes wins.


Team Vs. Team Rounds (TvTR) Two Teams battle for victory. There are 3 rounds, the team that wins the majority 2/3 wins.


More soon.. : )






Global Gatekeeper - Teleports you anywhere around the continent of Aden.


Leveling Grounds GK - Used for the specific purpose of leveling, and farming.


GMShop - You can buy almost anything you need here, including weapons, armor, zen customs, hair pieces, etc.


Buffer - Our buffer will give you nearly all buffs in the game.


Ranking - Here you can check your rank in PvP, PK's, and Gold Bar count.


RaidBoss Info - The RaidBoss Info lets you know which bosses are alive, and when they will respawn.


Zen Helper - This is where you get nobbles, Nearly all of our features can be found here aswell.



Leveling Grounds




Newbie Grounds


Chromatic Highlands


Wild Beast Reserve


Valley of Saints


Enchanted Valley


Cave of Trials

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