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[Preview][League Of Legends Dominio(n) ]


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                          Overview of Dominio(n)

League of Legends: Dominio(n) is a new game mode that introduces the Crystal Scar, a new map featuring capture-and-hold style gameplay to the League of Legends experience. Dominio(n) games are fast-paced battles around 20 minutes in length that emphasize immediate action and frantic, non-stop combat.


On the Crystal Scar, two teams of five players battle it out over control of five capture points in an effort to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. Gameplay is designed to be fluid, with both teams constantly seizing the advantage from one another. Special care has been taken to ensure that all of your favorite champions are viable and fun to play in this new game mode.




How to Play


Capture Points


Capture points represent important strategic locations across the map. Controlling these points and defending them against the opposition is the central focus of Dominio(n).


Each team in Dominio(n) starts with their nexus at full health. The opposing team’s nexus health will slowly drain whenever your team holds more capture points than the enemy. The rate at which their nexus health declines is tied to the number of points your team owns in excess of your opponents. If both teams hold the same number of capture points, neither team’s nexus receives any damage.


Players can claim capture points by right clicking the capture point tower when their champion is within range. After a short channel time, ownership of the capture point will transfer to the capturing player’s team. Points controlled by the opposing team will take longer to capture since they must first be neutralized before you can assume control. If a capturing champion moves or takes damage during the channel time, he will be unable to attempt another capture for a short cooldown period. An allied capture point will attack enemy champions as well as spawn minions to attack and capture nearby enemy-controlledcapture points


Some Pictures




Dynamic Quests

untitled-13.jpgDominio(n) brings a new, dynamic quest system to League of Legends multiplayer. Quests are given to teams over the course of a match based on the current state of the map, and revolve around the ownership of specific capture points. These quests offer new map objectives that encourage players to adapt and alter their strategies on the fly. Completion of these quests offers substantial rewards to the successful team in addition to dealing immediate damage to the opposing team’s nexus.

Personal Score

eog_ss.pngDominio(n) introduces a new way for players to track their individual contribution through their personal score. A player’s personal score increases based on heroic actions that they take throughout the game, such as defending a capture point against an overwhelming force or securing a secondary objective on the map. A player’s score and other -blocked- specific stats are accessible in-game through the new scoreboard and end of game screen.



Buffs in Dominio(n)


Dominio(n) buffs are broken down into three types: Speed Shrines, Health Relics, and Greater Relics.untitled-10.jpguntitled-11.jpguntitled-12.jpg

Speed Shrines are areas on the map that grant a significant, yet short duration, movement speed bonus to champions that pass through them. These shrines persist throughout the entire game and can be used repeatedly by players on either team.


Health Relics spawn on specific locations at short, regular intervals, and can be picked up to restore health and mana. Champions from either team can acquire a health relic simply by moving over it.


Greater Relics are a pair of powerful team specific objects that spawn at the center of the map. While the Greater Relics spawn less frequently than Health Relics, they provide powerful offensive bonuses that help assault particularly well-fortified capture points. Acquiring these Greater Relics requires a brief channel time.


[glow=red,2,300]New Items & Summoner Spells[/glow]




[glow=red,2,300]Many new items have been added to League of Legends: Dominio(n) to complement the new fast-paced gameplay. This includes many new offensive items such as the Ionic Spark -- a powerful attack speed item that unleashes an arc of chain lightning every few attacks. All champions have had their recommended items tailor-made for Dominio(n), making it easy for players to adapt their builds.




The suite of Summoner Spells has also been revamped for Dominio(n) and includes two new spells. This includes Summoner Promote, a tactical spell that empowers a minion to help the champion assault their lane[/glow]


And Here is the Video (:


Ps:I put the brackets () because when i write Dominio(n) is showing like this -blocked-

thnx to all :)

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