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[Services] Quality, inexpensive.

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Provide any services in l2j, as any of the site / forum.



1. Installing, configuring the server.

2. The introduction of any mods to your server.

3. Installing, Configuring, studs (dle, sw, etc) under your server.

4. Installation, configuration, optimization software.

5. Setting up a server of any OS (linux, windows, freebsd).

6. Development of all necessary NPC for the server (functional).

7. Correcting any errors (kernel datapak).

8. Development of unique designs for a forum to your website design.

9. Install, configure systems, automatic donations (nextpay, coin, robokassa).

10. Development of a unique patch (copyrights, links, logos, filling the picture).

11. Development of unique things (stats, ligaments).

12. To develop any skills, buffs.

13. Protecting the site from Ddos attacks (via cookies).

14. Server protection from Ddos attacks (by port-cnock).

15. Writing any service (change nick color, na .. etc) for your server (Python / Java).

16. Full installation and setup of your VPS / VDS server at the site.

17. Edit your flash files (replace links, images), the sources are not needed.

18. Creating a unique auto updater for your design:





Perhaps that is missed, write and learn.



After ordering the service - weekly support free of charge!




Handle in icq - (A profile).

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