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[Guide] Clan

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Hello MxC Community.

I know that already exist many guides like this but all these guides are until Interlude Client.

First of all Clans are useful in all servers. Clans can provide you help while you are a new member in a server and you have just join their clan or they just can provide you organized PvP so you'll get better and better.

How to create a clan?

What are the required items to level up a clan?!

First of all you have to visit a High Priest in a Temple to create a clan, before level up it, talk to him and follow the pictures.


Enter the clan name which you desire press enter and Voila! Your Clan has been created succesfuly!

Clan Levels & How to Level Up

Clan Level can be from 0-11. A clan is starting from Level 0.


Level 1 -> To level up a clan from 0 to 1 you need 20,000 SP and 650.000 Adena

Level 2 -> To level up a clan from 1 to 2 you need 100,000 SP and 2,500,000 Adena

Level 3 -> To level up a clan from 2 to 3 you need 350,000 SP and Evidence Of Blood

Level 4 -> To level up a clan from 3 to 4 you need 1,000,000 SP and Evidence Of Determination

Level 5 -> To level up a clan from 4 to 5 you need 2,500,000 SP and Evidence Of Aspiration

Level 6 -> To level up a clan from 5 to 6 you need 10,000 Clan Points and at least 30 members

Level 7 -> To level up a clan from 6 to 7 you need 20,000 Clan Points and at least 80 members

Level 8 -> To level up a clan from 7 to 8 you need 40,000 Clan Points and at least 120 members

Level 9 -> To level up a clan from 8 to 9 you need 40,000 Clan Points, at least 120 members and 150 Blood Oaths

Level 10 -> To level up a clan from 9 to 10 you need 40,000 Clan Points, at least 140 members and 5 Blood Alliance

Level 11 -> To level up a clan from 10 to 11 you need 75,000 Clan Points, at least 170 members and one Territory Ward

Where can you obtain the required Items to level up a clan

Clan Reputation can be obtained by Castle and Fortress Capture. They can be obtained also by new members who join clan Academy and reaches 40 and making 2nd class transfer. In addition Clan Reputatio can be obtained when an enemy Clan Member has been killed by your own clan members.

GZ8IT.pngEvidence Of Blood can be obtain in Dragon Valley dropable by Blood Queen.

KgQPh.pngEvidence Of Determination can be obtained by meeting Sir Christopher Rodemai in Giran Castle Town.

j5JsN.pngEvidence Of Aspiration can be obtained by meeting Sir Gustav Athebaldt in Oren Town.

tMhJy.pngBlood Oath can be obtained by capturing a Fortress. Each 6 hours 1 Blood Oath is spawning in Officer of Fortress.

TCvH1.pngBlood Alliance can be obtained by capturing a Castle. Each defence can give 1 or even 5 Blood Alliance (Depends the server settings).

Clan Ranks

Vagabond: A Simple Member without clan.

Vassal: Simple Clan Member.

Heir: Member of a clan more than 5 level.

Knight: Clan Leader (Level 4)

Elder: Clan Leader (Level 5)

Baron: Everyone who has noblesse.

Viscount: Order Knight Members and Clan Leader (Level 6)

Count: Royal Guard Members and Clan Leader (Level 7)

Marquis: Heroes, Main Clan Members and Clan Leader (Level 8 )

Duke: Order Knight Captain and Clan Leader (Level 9)

Grand Duke: Royal Guard Captain and Clan Leader (Level 10)

Distiguished King: The Clan Leader (Level 11)

Clan Structure

When you will complete Clan Level to 8 and you have add your Royal and Knights guards your clan should look like this:


And your clan skills will look like this:


Clan Skills

Level 5

skill0391_0.pngClan Imperium:  Grant the privilege of Command Channel.

skill0370_0.pngClan Vitallity: Increases clan members Maximum HP.

skill0373_0.pngClan LifeBlood : Increases clan members HP Reg.

skill0379_0.pngClan Magic Protection: Increases clan members Magic Deffence.

Level 6

skill0377_0.pngClan Aegis: Increasesclan members P.Deffence.

skill0374_0.pngClan Morale: Increases clan members CP Reg.

skill0376_0.pngClan Might: Increases clan members P.Atk.

skill0383_0.pngClan Shield Boost: Increases clan members Shield P deffence.

skill0371_0.pngClan Spirituallity: Increases clan members CP.

Level 7

skill0390_0.pngClan Luck : Decreases clan members EXP Loss per dead.

skill0380_0.pngClan Guidance: Increases Clan members Accuracy

skill0387_0.pngClan Freedom: Increases Clan member's resist to magic attacks like hold.

skill0384_0.pngClan Cyclonic Resistance: Increases Clan members resist to wind and water.

skill0385_0.pngClan Magmatic Resistance: Increases Clan members resist to fire and earth.

skill0388_0.pngClan Vigilance: Increases Clan members resist to magic attacks like sleep.

skill0382_0.pngClan Withstand-Attack: Increases Clan Members Shield Deffense possibility.

skill0386_0.pngClan Fortitude: Increases resist to attacks like stun .

Level 8

skill0381_0.pngClan Agillity: Increases clan members evasion.

skill0375_0.pngClan Clarity: Increases clan members mp regenation.

skill0378_0.pngClan Empowerment: Increases clan members M.atk.

skill0372_0.pngClan Essence: Increases clan members max MP.

skill0389_0.pngClan March: Increases clan members Speed.

Level 11

skill0373_0.pngClan Lifeblood: Increases HP recovery bonus by 6%.

skill0379_0.pngClan Magic Protection:Increases M. Def. by 12%.

skill0370_0.pngClan Vitality: Increases Max HP by 6%.

Clan Squads

Well except clan skills in LineageII since Gracia Epilogue client exist some extra clan skills which they are called "Clan Squads".

Clan Squads can be added in Fortresses & Castles.

Go to your Fortress/Castle and visit Court Magician and talk to her.

Then you have to do the follow steps.

Learn special Skills for low-ranked soldiers and then choose which Skill you desire to add in your clan. You have also to pick where these Skills will be applied. In Orders? In Royals? In Main? Its your decision :)



Fire Squad: Increase P.Atk by 17.3 and critical rate by 15

Water Squad: Increases P.Def by 27.3 and M.Def by 17.6

Wind Squad: Increases accuracy, evasion by 2 and movement speed by 3

Earth Squad: Increases M.Def by 31.1

Holy Squad: Increases heal power by 20 and Max MP by 30%

Dark Squad: Increases M.Atk by 19.32

Clan Squads can be level up until 3.

Required Items for Clan Skills & Squads

Clan Skills

etc_raid_f_i00.pngDestruction Tombstone

etc_raid_g_i00.pngCradle of Creation

etc_raid_c_i02.pngEarth Egg

etc_raid_b_i00.pngDragon Heart

etc_raid_a_i00.pngMemento Mori

etc_raid_d_i00.pngNonliving Nucleus

etc_raid_e_i00.pngAngelic Essence

Clan Squads

tMhJy.png Blood Oath

TCvH1.png Blood Alliance

How To Communicate with your clan members?

Do you want to Communicate with your clan Members?

You got 2 ways of doing that.

First way, is to use with the tradition way the Clan Chat "@" and type your message.

Do you got any important event and you don't know how to inform your clan members?

Simple and fast.

Open the community board (Alt+B) go to Clan Information and then press Clan Notice. Turn it off and just type your message. To enter the message just put "Confirm"

Credits to me. I spend about 3 hours on this guide.


Images: PmFun & Me & Dropspoil

Created by Me



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Well, it is really nice. Much better and improved than the older guides here! Keep it up mate!

Well, still not better than Coyote's one.
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Well, still not better than Coyote's one.


Who needs a guide for that anyway ?

Well explained in case if you dont know how to make a clan.

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